'Don't Be Afraid of The Dark' Red Band Trailer

Don't be Afraid of the Dark red band trailer

A new red band trailer for producer Guillermo del Toro's upcoming bedtime lullaby Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark has hit the net - and in the interest of full disclosure we must say that anyone suffering from Odontophobia may need to avert their eyes in the opening moments.

Based on a 1973 telefilm by the same title, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark follows a similar trajectory to del Toro's masterwork of a dark fairytale, Pan's Labyrinth, in that it tells the story of a young girl who must confront monstrous forces that defeat even the most hardened of adults.

After a series of fits and starts in the post-production phase as Mirmax was bought and sold three times over the film is finally set to creep into theaters this weekend with Film District releasing. The creators are hoping that the combined appeal of the del Toro name and relatively soft competition (DBAOTD opens against Colombiana and Our Idiot Brother) will equal box-office success. Time will tell if audiences are open to an old-fashioned, 2D, creature film as their chosen weekend entertainment.

Without further delay, here is the red band (not suitable for all audiences) trailer - beware, it gives away a lot more than the previous trailer:

After two years of seeing Guillermo del Toro talk about the film at Comic-Con, along with some horrifying footage, we're ready for a good scare.

Troy Nixey directs a cast that includes Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison from a script by Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Robbins (screenplay) and Nigel McKeand(1973 teleplay).

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark opens in theaters tomorrow, Friday, August 26th.-Follow me on twitter @jrothc

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