'Donnie Darko' Sequel Goes Direct-To-DVD

A while ago news was released of a sequel to the cult-hit Donnie Darko going ahead entitled S. Darko, short for Samantha Darko (Donnie's kid sister from the first film). And I can't even tell you how enraged I was when we learned of this because of how much I love the first film (It's easily in my top five movies of all time).

Well short of the thing not being made we have pretty much the next best thing - at least we won't have to endure it theatrically as the much predicted news has come out that the sequel will go direct-to-DVD.

The first official trailer for the film (there's a teaser out already which is just clips from the first film with new text introducing this sequel - not really worth checking out) is reportedly to be screened at the New York Comic-Con this weekend, and I hope sighs of relief flood over the room and weapons ready to be put to use get stowed away safely when the info "Coming Soon to DVD" appears at the end of the film.

Here is the official synopsis for the sequel:

Samantha Darko (Daveigh Chase) and her rebellious best friend Corey Richardson (Briana Evigan) leave on a cross-country road trip to Los Angeles in an attempt to ‘make it big'. Their dreams are cut short when their water pump blows outside of a tiny Utah town. Unable to leave until their car is fixed, Sam and Corey are stranded with the locals until their car's fixed. Sam and Corey are less than thrilled at the delay, and when an unexplained meteorite crash-lands in town that night, it soon becomes clear that there is much more at play than just a chance breakdown. Plagued by bizarre hallucinatory dreams warning her of the universe's imminent end, as well as grief over her own loss of family, Sam must face the demons she had fled back at home. Aided by the unlikely town locals, Sam learns the true meaning of family and friendship, and in doing so, saves only herself.

God that sounds awful. Just trying to continue on what the original was but in a "ripping it off" kind of fashion.

My anger at this sequel is probably considerably stronger than a lot of people out there simply because of my utter love for the first film. Donnie Darko was the first film that really got me impassioned about filmmaking, taking me beyond just simply enjoying movies and taking me to a place of appreciation for the technical art of it.

It proved to me that movies are often more about just special effects, explosions and car chases - it was, and still is, one of the most original and ambitious films ever made and someone even considering a sequel much less actually making it is really going past the line. Donnie Darko is one of those films you just don't make a sequel of; it's unnecessary, unneeded and totally uncalled for.

But am I in the minority (I really, really hope I'm not); is there anyone out there who was ever in favor of a sequel to the cult classic that is Donnie Darko?

S. Darko is set to be released on DVD on April 28th.

Source: /Film

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