What Happened To Donna After Parks & Rec Ended

Donna in Parks and Rec

Retta portrayed the character of Donna Meagle for all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation, but what happened to the character after the series ended? For the first two seasons, Donna was considered a recurring character until the role was bumped up to the regular cast in season 3. The NBC sitcom came to an end in 2015 after a seven-season run and provided insight into the fate of the characters in the series finale. Here's what happened to Donna in the future.

Donna served as the office manager at Pawnee's Parks and Recreation Department. She actually worked in the office longer than Leslie Knope. Donna saw most of her co-workers as boring until she took the time to get to know them. Over time, it was revealed that Donna enjoyed living a luxurious lifestyle. When Ron was shot by Tom during the employee hunting trip, Donna was more concerned about the broken window of her Mercedes. She also has a big family who has their fair share of issues. In Parks and Rec season 4, it was revealed that the singer Ginuwine is Donna's cousin and he later performed in the Pawnee Unity Concert.

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Donna was never one to shy away from a new business venture. She eventually got her realtor's license and created the firm Regal Meagle Realty. Donna also had a long dating history but she never found a man suitable in her eyes to settle down with. In Parks and Rec season 6, Donna accompanied Ron to volunteer at a local elementary school where she ran into her ex, Joe (Keegan Michael Key). After spending time with the likable Joe, Ron encouraged Donna to give the man a second chance. She agreed after realizing Joe's lack of drama was what she needs at that point in her life. By the season 7 time-jump, Donna and Joe were engaged and later married. The series finale flash-forward montage provided details in Donna's later life.

Parks and Recreation

In the future, Donna and Joe were happily married and living in Seattle. There was no word if they lived in Donna's condo that she previously owned while still living in Pawnee. Joe lost his job as a teacher as many schools no longer taught basic courses. Donna, who remained wealthy through her adult life decided to use her money to start a non-profit called "Teach Yo Self" in order to help schools. Donna also enlisted April's help in starting the organization.

It's no question that Donna continued going on her lavish trips and she finally had someone to join her on those adventures. She also would have kept up her friendship with Tom so the duo could keep up their annual "Treat Yo Self" holiday, a favorite event that has been adopted by many Parks and Recreation viewers. We could assume that Donna kept in touch with all of her former Parks Department co-workers who became lifelong friends in her eyes.

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