• A convincing fan theory suggests Shrek's Donkey comes from Pinocchio. 1 / 9

  • The original Shrek was based on the children's book of the same name. 2 / 9

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  • Donkey was first introduced in the original film, which spawned a huge franchise. 3 / 9

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  • The character has appeared in every sequel, though his origin story is never revealed. 4 / 9

  • Reddit user YeremyV suggests Donkey actually comes from Pinocchio's Pleasure Island scene. 5 / 9

  • This reveals wayward boys are transformed into donkeys and sold but can still talk. 6 / 9

  • This backstory lines up surprisingly well with what the movie's reveal about Donkey. 7 / 9

  • Maybe a future sequel will confirm this, but for now it has fans convinced. 8 / 9

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