Stephen Colbert Reveals Donald Trump's Emoji Movie Cameo

Late night host and funny man Stephen Colbert has revealed President Donald Trump's supposed surprise cameo in Sony's The Emoji Movie. The film, which hit theaters last week, features a bevy of stars who voiced the characters in the 3D animated project including T.J. Miller who plays Meh, James Corden as Hi-5, Anna Faris as Jailbreak and Patrick Stewart as Poop among others.

Colbert and other daily hosts like Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Conan O'Brien and even Corden have leaned towards becoming more political in the last several months, starting with the heated national election. The situation further picked up when Trump pulled an electoral upset against Hillary Clinton to be the 45th President of the United States. The current administration since then has continued to be the main topic of discussions in talk shows infused with hosts' respective brand of humor including, Colbert who is not shy in openly calling out Trump about the endless scandals that he and his team are currently linked to.

Last Thursday's cold open for  The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has treated fans to an unexpected look on Trump's supposed secret appearance in The Emoji Movie as an emoticon version of himself meshed with a Russian flag.  “Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with Russia?” a carefully edited real audio of the President said paired with the fake footage from the animated film - obviously a play on the ongoing Russian scandal that his camp is currently embroiled in. “Wouldn’t that be good? I mean, is that a bad thing,” the POTUS furthered as he continues to talk to a chocolate chip cookie beside him - even ranting to it about Oreos. Check the hilarious clip above.

Colbert's play on Trump is not an unprecedented one. In fact, other late night host had resorted to the same funny bit from O'Brien's confidential phone call leaks involving the president to Noah's edited Trump photos. That said, Colbert's version was especially clever as it also doubles as a great marketing ploy for The Emoji Movie.

Unfortunately, even with the smart and funny promotional bit from The Late Show, Sony's latest feature film venture is still raking in bad reviews from critics with most of their gripes geared towards its alleged ripping off of other hit animated properties like Inside Out and Wreck-it Ralph. Other reviewers, meanwhile, pointed out its recycled humor and poor narrative execution as its biggest problems.

That said, it still continues to make the waves in the box office department raking in $25.7 million after opening in 4,075 locations. This is still a great thing for The Emoji Movie despite being beaten by Dunkirk during last week's roundup. This makes the Christopher Nolan's war piece the domestic box office winner for two straight weeks.

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Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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