Donald Glover Developing Comedy Series for NBC

Donald Glover is close to making a deal for a starring vehicle with NBC for a put-pilot and series loosely based on his life.

Donald Glover New NBC Show

Donald Glover is a man of many talents - though he is best known for portraying Troy Barnes on NBC’s hit series Community. Hip-Hop fans know him as master lyricist rapper, Childish Gambino. Others might recognize him from his numerous television appearances, film roles and even his comedy special, Donald Glover Weirdo.

Before his onscreen and on-stage achievements, Glover got his start as a writer on another hot NBC show, 30 Rock, where he worked from 2008-09. Now the writer/actor/comedian is at work on a new show; however, instead of helming a project for someone else, he’s got other ideas. Why not just do it all?

According to TV Guide, Glover is currently developing a show for NBC that he would also reportedly star in. The show would be loosely-based on his life and if picked up, would be in second position to Community (Community fans don’t worry, Glover is on board for season 4). Admittedly, even Glover can’t create a whole show by himself, so he’s already enlisted 30 Rock executive producer Matt Hubbard, as well as Peter Traugott (According to Jim) and Rachel Kaplan (Virtuality), who have also signed on to the project as producers.

The good news for Glover and his fans is that NBC is close to making a deal for a put-pilot, meaning that if the show doesn’t move forward, the network will incur a hefty penalty fee. NBC would basically be committing to Glover and his show - as long as the young star can deliver. No doubt NBC is hoping he does, especially since The Office will be closing its doors after this season. Considering the network is hard at work on a spin-off, The Farmas well as Glover’s untitled project, it's clear that NBC is attempting to supplement that Office Thursday night lineup void.

As far as what to expect from Glover’s show, there aren’t many details yet - besides, as mentioned, being loosely-based on his own experiences. If his music is any indication, the show could be very personal but, on the other hand, his comedic style could also bring plenty of nerdy humor to the table. We can expect clever writing and well-rounded characters, but as we learned about a month ago, Glover's show will not be in the same style as previous NBC sitcoms like The Office and Parks and RecreationThe network has said it wants to produce more broad comedy shows that have the ability to appeal to a wide range, thus yield higher ratings.

However, Glover's previous work, in comedy and in music, seems to be directed to a certain niche audience, though his material is backed by weight, substance, purpose and focus. Considering this, it will be interesting to see how he and the network meet in the middle, and what blend of humor they will come up with.

As always, we will update you on the progress of this project.

Sources: TV Guide

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