Into The Spider-Verse Reveals Donald Glover's Importance To The MCU's Future

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse reveals just how important Donald Glover could be to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony Pictures' Into the Spider-Verse includes a range of classic Spider-Man foes such as Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin, all very different to versions seen on the big screen before. That's because it draws inspiration from Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe, a modernized relaunch of the comics that kicked off in the year 2000.

But the movie also introduced viewers to a Spider-Man foe who'd never been appeared in the movies before. One of the Kingpin's agents was a hunter who called himself the Prowler, a sinister force who used dangerous gauntlets to try to tear his enemies apart. Whenever the Prowler entered a scene, he had a distinctive score that added a tremendous sense of tension to it all. In the end, the Prowler proved to be the emotional core of the story - and it's a plot very similar indeed to the comics themselves.

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And here's the catch: although the average moviegoer has probably missed it, Spider-Man: Homecoming has already introduced the MCU version of the Prowler. He hasn't suited up yet, but he has the potential to transform the MCU - and even introduce Miles Morales/Ultimate Spider-Man into the MCU.

Donald Glover Is Playing Aaron Davis AKA Prowler In The MCU

Spider-Man and Donald Glover

Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced Donald Glover as a small-time crook named Aaron Davis. Davis was doing business with the Vulture gang, attempting to acquire advanced technology that would make him a better mugger and a harder catch for the police; the deal was interrupted by Spider-Man, but the wall-crawler was later able to identify Davis and track him down. One of the most entertaining scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming saw Spider-Man pin Davis to his car using his webbing, and attempt to interrogate him.

Ironically, Davis was more than willing to cooperate; he feared for his nephew's safety, should the Vulture's weapons wind up on the streets. He gave Spider-Man information on an upcoming meeting between Mac Gargan and the Vulture Gang. Aaron Davis is the real name of the Prowler, and the nephew he's referring to is even named Miles in a deleted scene, where Aaron gives his nephew a ring to apologize that he's not going to make it because he's been held up; he's still stuck to the trunk of his car courtesy of Spider-Man's webbing.

Although Davis doesn't have access to any advanced technology in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the potential is clearly there. The film ends with the Tinkerer - a scientist who's worked with advanced technology and alien equipment for several years - still out there. It's not hard to imagine a scenario in which Davis strikes a deal with the Tinkerer and picks up the MCU version of the traditional Prowler technology.

Prowler's Role In The Comics And Spider-Verse

In the Ultimate Universe, Oscorp is responsible for creating the genetically modified spiders that grant people spider-powers - and one of their samples escaped. The company went bankrupt after Norman Osborn was outed as the Green Goblin, and the Prowler decided to break in to see if he could obtain any equipment to sell on the black market. The Prowler unwittingly picked up that spider, and carried it with him to his home. The next day, he was visited by his nephew Miles Morales - who was bitten by the spider, gaining super-powers and becoming the next Spider-Man.

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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse modified this plot a little, spending a bit more time establishing the relationship between Aaron and his nephew. It saw Davis take Peter to a deserted cavern off the New York subway tracks, where he could safely exercise his creative skill and graffiti without getting in trouble. Though Miles didn't know it, his uncle had discovered this cavern when exploring the area surrounding the Kingpin's secret lab. A spider had slipped through the cracks between the dimensions - and, of course, it gave Miles a bite before it died. The spider carried the brand of Alchemax, a company from the Spider-Man 2099 comics that excels at genetic manipulation.

When Miles returned, trying to work out how he'd gained these mysterious powers, he stumbled into the battle between Spider-Man and the Kingpin's forces. Miles fled from the scene, with the Prowler on his tail. The would-be Spider-Man discovered his uncle's horrific secret, and fled to the other spiders for help. He was trailed by the Kingpin's team, however, and was left no choice but to reveal his secret identity to the Prowler. Aaron faltered, unable to kill his own nephew, and was shot dead by the Kingpin for his weakness. The Aaron Davis of the comics isn't quite so good-natured. In fact, when he worked out who the Ultimate Spider-Man really was, he saw the opportunity to manipulate Miles in order to become the new Kingpin. He's essentially become Miles' nemesis in the comics, even founding a new version of the Sinister Six.

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