Donald Glover Was NOT Too Busy For Deadpool Animated; Shares Script

After the cancelation of Deadpool: The Animated Series, Donald Glover has taken to social media to dispel rumors that he was too busy for the show.

Donald Glover Animated Deadpool

There are shots fired as Donald Glover dispels the rumors surrounding his canceled Deadpool: The Animated Series.

Teaming up with his Atlanta partner (and brother) Stephen, the Glovers were set to bring an R-rated version of the Merc With a Mouth to screens in a brand new adult cartoon. Although Wade Wilson had a few fleeting appearances in the acclaimed X-Men: The Animated Series, it would Deadpool's first time to shine on his own in cartoon form and presumably follow the big screen success of Fox's movies starring Ryan Reynolds.

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With the show in development for nearly a year, early reports from a variety of publications suggested that Glover hadn't even started a script. These are now are confirmed to be false as the Community star decides to defend himself. The 34-year-old took to Twitter to confirm this wasn't the case:

Posting a script from the proposed finale of the show, Glover proved that the series was much further along than first thought. Donald may have a packed CV, but it looks like he was more than happy to put the time into making Deadpool work. The script is suitably off-the-wall as you would expect any Deadpool production to be, referencing Taylor Swift, Bitcoin, rhino erection tea, and even the Beyoncé biting debacle.

A Deadpool show with Glover at the helm had all the makings of being our next big addiction and fit with FXX's other animated show Archer. Also, with FX's impressive roster of comedy including Baskets and superhero show Legion, Deadpool would've been in good company on the network. Promising to be different to Fox's movies, wouldn't have been a simple rehash of 2016's movie or the upcoming Deadpool 2. It is unknown where the storyline would've taken DP in the rest of the episodes, but as the script shows, fan-favorite Blind Al was set to play a big part.

As well as his Childish Gambino Tour and upcoming appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, it was easy to blame Glover's busy schedule for Deadpool's problems. While fans will never really know the truth, FX had cited "creative differences" for parting ways with the Glovers, however, Donald makes it sound like there was more to the story. With Deadpool: The Animated Series getting a straight-to-order run of 10 episodes, it was supposed to be a big production for the network that owns every episode of The Simpsons, but as it stands, Deadpool: The Animated Series is just another lost superhero project that could've been great.

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