Don S. Davis Has Passed Away

Dammit - Now we've lost Don S. Davis. What a year this has been for losing people in the movie and TV industry...

Don was best known for playing General Hammond on Stargate: SG-1 for 10 years. This will make his appearance in the upcoming DVD movie Stargate: Continuum (which will be released on July 29th) that much more poignant.

On the series he played the role of commander of Stargate Command with a quiet, fatherly strength that made him a fan favorite on the series.

He passed away Sunday morning of a heart attack at the age of 65. In addition to acting, Davis was also an accomplished artist in the areas of sculpture, painting, drawing, and set design - you can view some of his very impressive work at

He was born in Aurora, Mo., in 1942, and served in the U.S. Army. Davis married Ruby Fleming-Davis in 2003. They were residents of British Columbia.

His family has released a statement:

"So many of you have been touched by not only the work and art of Don S. Davis, but by the man himself, who always took the time to be with you at the appearances he loved, that it is with a tremendous sense of loss I must share with you that Don passed away from a massive heart attack on Sunday morning, June 29."

"On behalf of his family and wife, Ruby, we thank you for your prayers and condolences. A family memorial where Don's ashes will be scattered in the ocean will take place in a few weeks, and should you wish to, please make a donation to the American Heart Association in Don's memory."

Davis’s family will hold a private memorial in a few weeks where they will scatter his ashes into the ocean, and our condolences go out to them.

Source: SyFyPortal

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