Actor Don Cheadle teased Mark Ruffalo over Marvel’s strict secret-keeping policies in the wake of accidental and purposeful Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War leaks. The comic book behemoth is known for being very strict with its surprising twists and turns, and actors have been known to joke about how strict the studio is. Previous actors have even alluded to being followed by teams of “Marvel Snipers” ready to prevent them from sharing the studio’s secrets.

Secrecy is understandable when it comes to the studio, since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has set the bar for superhero filmmaking for the last 10 years. As the studio and fans get closer to Avengers: Infinity War, which is sure to be a definitive event for Marvel fans and casual audiences alike, secrecy is paramount. This week has seen a new Vanity Fair photo shoot of the current lineup of Marvel’s actors as well as the news that the Avengers: Infinity War trailer will air tomorrow on Good Morning America. Fans of spoilers might be hoping Ruffalo will reveal even more secrets.

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Cheadle took to Twitter to remind Ruffalo of his previous faux pas revealing Marvel’s secrets. Ruffalo accidentally streamed parts of Thor: Ragnarok’s audio during the movie’s premiere. Cheadle was teasing his coworker, as Ruffalo isn’t the only actor who delights in sharing Marvel’s secrets with the audience. Tom Holland took to Instagram to share the Avengers: Infinity War poster after specifically pointing out that it was hidden in a folder labeled “Top Secret: Do Not Share,” claiming he got it from Ruffalo. What could have been a big deal has become a fun way to connect with fans.

Holland posted the video on Instagram this morning, turning Ruffalo’s original faux pas into a running joke used to promote Avengers: Infinity War. While sharing spoilers, leaks, and secrets is a very serious issue, the fact that Marvel is willing to turn this into a fun game to get fans excited shows just how willing they are to participate in the social media aspect of fandom.

It’s a sign of just how engaged Marvel is with its fanbase too, doing everything it can to excite fans even with its strict policy about secrets. With Avengers: Infinity War inching closer and closer, chances are there will be plenty of opportunities for secrets to be leaked, some that Marvel might not mean to share quite yet with fans.

Knowing this, it’s important to rejoice in the secrets that fans do get from the studio. Everyone is excited about Avengers: Infinity War but it’s important to not pressure the creators involved in the project. Fans will have plenty to dissect and enjoy up to the film’s release and all concerned should try and be good sports just like Cheadle and Ruffalo.

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Source: Don Cheadle/Twitter

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