Dominic Monaghan Talks 'FlashForward' & 'Lost'

Those of you looking for your fill of TV news might want to check out this latest item, a video interview with Dominic Monaghan about two shows he stars in: FlashForward and Lost.

If, like me, you're still sticking with ABC's Lost-esque show FlashForward, then you were probably left pretty annoyed when the show went off the air for a break at the end of November. To add insult to injury, they extended the length of the hiatus and it finally returns in a few days, almost four months after it went off air.

Nonetheless, FlashForward is back this week and Monaghan talks to Collider about such things as how big of a part his character will have when the show returns and how much he knows about this season's finale. Also, for you Lost fans out there, Monaghan also talks about if he's been back to shoot more scenes for his limited return to the show (we saw him briefly in the season 6 premiere) and if he knows how Lost ends.

Check out the great video interview below:

It was accidentally spoiled for me that Monaghan was going to be on FlashFoward (those of you who watch it will know his character was, and still is, quite mysterious). But nonetheless, he's one of the best things about the show, which had so much promise initially, but has gone downhill ever since the premiere. Nevertheless I still like it - I'm sill watching, aren't I?

As far as Lost goes, anyone who has read Screen Rant for the last year or so will know that I'm a huge fan of it. Charlie was always one of the best characters on the show and [SPOILER ALERT!] when he died at the end of season 3 I don't think there was a dry eye in the whole of Lost's audience.

I'm surprised to hear that Monaghan knows what's happening in Lost's series finale. He's not playing that big of a part in the final season, so perhaps what he knows are just tiny details that don't make up a full picture . I'm sure we will see Charlie make at least one more appearance before the show comes to an end. I'm guessing - or at least I would like it if - Charlie turns up in Hurley's "Flash Sideways" since their friendship was a major focus of the the earlier seasons.

Thoughts on what Monaghan has said above? Are you looking forward to FlashForward coming back after the hiatus or have you stopped watching? And would you like to see Monaghan make another appearance on Lost before the finale?

FlashForward returns to ABC @ 8/7c on March 18th (this Thursday).

You can catch the next episode of Lost also on ABC @ 9:00pm on March 16th (tomorrow).

Source: Collider

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