Dominic Monaghan Back For Final Season of Lost?

At the San Diego Comic-Con panel for the final season of Lost, producers/writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed that season 6 of the show would see characters who've been killed off, return to the show - including those from the first season.

They also confirmed that the time travel (ie. flashbacks and flashforwards) element of the show is done with and that a different approach would be taken with the series for its last season. Maybe that means we'll get a look at alternate realities and that will help us again see Boone, Shannon and maybe even Libby.

We do know that Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke) and Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday) will be returning to the cast of Lost and now it seems like Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) will also be returning too - something that's been long-speculated to be the case.

In speaking with SCI FI Wire during a set visit for FlashForward, where Monaghan plays the character of ?, he briefly answered some questions about his future with Lost.

"Sure, we've talked... I'm friends enough with Damon that we just hang out."

He also explained that some of the rumors are overzealous and that everytime he's  met with Damon about non-Lost related stuff, the obvious assumption is always made that they're discussing his return to the series.

"I think a lot of times recently there's been talk of us hanging out, and why would they be hanging out other than talking about Lost? We had breakfast one time, and I think that was the reason why a lot of these Lost rumors started."

And lastly, he said the following without actually confirming his return.

"I'm sure they would be keen to bring back certain characters this season."

I'm sure they would to and I'm pretty confident that we'll see Charlie back in our favorite show.

It'll be a great final season to see all of the characters of old have some part in it and I can't wait. Charlie was a cool character and Lost is one of my favorite shows. Since Charlie died sacrificing himself, we've only seen him through Hurley's visions - It'll be nice to have him back alive and well, or whatever comes closest to that on the island.

Are you excited for season 6 of Lost and seeing Charlie return?

Season 6 of Lost premieres with a two-hour special titled “LA X” early next year.

Source: SCI FI Wire

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