'Dom Hemingway' Trailer: Jude Law is the Conquering Anti-Hero

Jude Law and Jordan Nash in 'Dom Hemingway'

Of all the roles that might have been imagined for Sherlock Holmes star Jude Law, a cockney geezer is far from the first that springs to mind. But Law has been exploring a range of roles recently - from a balding, cuckolded husband in Anna Karenina to the villain of animated family film Rise of the Guardians - and in the title role of Richard Shepard's comedic crime caper Dom Hemingway, Jude Law gets rude.

Dom is a once-infamous safe-cracker who has fallen out of the loop after spending 12 years in jail. Since his sentence would have been a lot shorter if he'd been willing to give up the names of his accomplices, Dom feels that he's owed a little something for his troubles and heads down to France with his old pal Dickie (Richard E. Grant) to collect his dues from crime boss Mr. Fontaine (Demian Bichir).

The green band US trailer for Dom Hemingway can't quite indulge in the red band trailer's glorious litany of creative cursing, and instead chooses to focus on the more emotional side of the film: Dom is reunited with his daughter Evelyn (played by Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke), and also gets to meet her husband, Hugh (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and Dom's grandson, Jawara (Jordan Nash).

Jude Law and Jordan Nash in 'Dom Hemingway'

Dom Hemingway was released in the UK last fall and so far the reviews have been mixed to positive. The general consensus seems to be that the plot isn't up to much, but that Law's performance and the snappy dialogue exchanges carry the film along well enough. Based on the trailers alone, Dom Hemingway feels like a similar move for Jude Law as Filth was for James McAvoy, though perhaps a bit less insane.

The US release date for Dom Hemingway is a little unkind, placing it in direct competition with Marvel's first release of the year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Still, for fans of British crime comedies with a Guy Ritchie-esque feel, Dom Hemingway definitely looks worth a watch.


Dom Hemingway is out in US theaters on April 4, 2014.

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