'Dom Hemingway' Red Band Trailer: Jude Law is a Rude & Entertaining Scumbag

Dom Hemingway Red Band Trailer Released

If you thought the first Dom Hemingway trailer was NSFW, then you definitely need to watch the red band version once you get home. The dialogue is laced with profanity and some images could be offensive.

The release of the first trailer for Dom Hemingway gave us a look at Jude Law’s new, and surprising role, as safe cracker Dom Hemingway, recently released from a 12 year stretch in prison. With a brash poster to accompany the films promotion, it is safe to say that Law will be stepping away from the sensible roles he is known for and into the humorous (and violent) eccentrics of the character that is Dom Hemingway.

Upon his release, Dom is rewarded with a stack of cash, payment for refusing to testify against his criminal associates during his incarceration. Of course, he soon loses his money and is back to hitting the streets of London with his former partner in crime Dickie (Richard E. Grant), all the while trying to reunite with his estranged daughter (played by Terminator 5 contender Emilia Clarke).

Dom Hemingway Red Band Trailer Released

 The red band trailer shows less of the plot but much more of Dom and his amusing but morally questionable behavior. It’s no surprise that much of his dialogue didn’t make the cut the first time around. Dom is wild, rude, offensive, alcohol fueled and drug induced. And Law seems to pull it off with remarkable success. It’s almost difficult to recognize the actor with his carefully manicured beard and chubbier physique.

Writer-director Richard Shepard, who had some success with Pierce Brosnan in The Matador, has received mixed reviews (so far) on Dom Hemingway, which aired at the Toronto International Film Festival. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see Jude Law’s portrayal of the foul mouthed criminal - as well as Emilia Clarke in a role outside the Game of Thrones universe.

Black-comedy crime-dramas with fast dialogue and off the wall characters sporting thick accents (In Bruges, or anything by Guy Ritchie) have done well in the past and are essentially a genre of their own. We’ll see if Shepard and his cast are able to live up to their counterparts, and hopefully so. Everything seems to be in place for a good movie, as long as there is some substance behind the depravity to keep audiences interested.


Dom Hemingway will hit US theaters April 4 of next year.

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