[SPOILER] Wins US Championship At Clash Of Champions

Dolph Ziggler pulled off a surprise victory in his triple threat match for the US championship at Clash of Champions.

Sunday night played host to WWE's final pay per view of the year, Clash Of Champions. The show was a SmackDown Live only event and featured matches for all of the blue brand's four championships as well as a potential career-ending bout for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Despite all of that though there wasn't really much anticipation for the event and the build has been lackluster to say the least.

Of all six matches on the card, it was probably the triple threat bout for the United States Title that had the least interest heading into Sunday night. For one reason or another, there seemed to be nothing much to write home about when it came to Baron Corbin, Bobby Roode, and Dolph Ziggler. They changed that at Clash Of Champions' opening match though. The three of them put on one hell of a performance.


By the end of it, the WWE Universe was chanting that the match was awesome and the three participants in the ring had us believing that any of them could feasibly win. Only one man could be victorious come the end of the match though, and that honor went to Dolph Ziggler. Regardless of what fans might think of Ziggler, clearly WWE still sees worth in him and he is now a two time United States Champion.

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The momentum heading towards the end of Sunday night's match began when Roode actually planted the eventual winner with a Glorious DDT. Corbin attempted to steal a win at that point, but was thrown from the ring by Bobby only for The Glorious One to be dragged out along with him. Once all three men were back between the ropes Corbin landed an End Of Days on Roode, but unfortunately for the now former champ, Ziggler simultaneously connected with a Zig Zag.

That cool looking double finisher proved to be enough for Ziggler to cover Corbin and become the new United States Champion. Something that might seem to be an odd choice to some and probably the man voted least likely to leave Clash Of Champions with the US Title.Corbin being a guy WWE seems to want to invest in would have led people to believe he might retain while Roode could have really use a boost that would have been brought about by a title win.

Nevertheless, Ziggler is the new United States Champion and fans always love an unexpected twist, well almost always. It will be interesting to see which way WWE and Ziggler go with this and whether The Showoff will still think that he is underappreciated by the fans and the clout backstage.


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