Are Dollhouse Viral Sites Hinting at a Comic Book?

As we all know, Fox did not order any more episodes of Dollhouse, and obviously they won't be ordering a 3rd season of the Joss Whedon show.

But I can't help but wonder if Joss Whedon might not continue with his world of Dollhouse in his favorite alternate medium, the comics?

He's taken all his television series to comic form under the Dark Horse label: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel & Serenity. It's his vent avenue of choice when he still has something to say about his pet projects but no television studio will let him vent it.

How did I come about pondering the idea of Dollhouse becoming a comic?  Besides Joss's track record?

On November 9th, a viral website or two went live in support of Dollhouse.

There's the creepy Rossum Corporation who is behind the processes that helped create the Dollhouse. It's a fairly in-depth and functional site with lots of info to offer you about themselves.

Of course, the Rossum Corporation has its critics, but they aren't as prolific with their websites and have a very short and creepy message about needing to stop Rossum.    In fact, a web surfer from Whedonesque called a phone number on the Rossum website and later got a callback directing them to the website Ditch The Tech.

The video below is on Ditch The Tech, (Note / warning: the last few seconds get very loud!)


Then there's a newer page, Wipe The Future. I've got no clue what the correct password is, but it is related to Dollhouse. All it says is "Find her! Hurry!" According to sources, it's said different things. Previous statements noted were, "Rossum knows that you know," and "They will be calling."

Too Little, Too Late?

The Dollhouse franchise is suddenly growing, albeit quietly. It's a shame that the viral components just started now, considering the show was canceled. This could have added an extra depth to the background that might have inspired others to understand this show better.

That is of course unless my suspicion about a comic is accurate; then this is just the beginning and these viral sites for Dollhouse were released with this exact timing in mind. Timing designed to help pitch a new comic title.

Reminder: I've heard no news about a Dollhouse comic from Joss Whedon or Dark Horse comics. This is a pure piece of conjecture, but the websites are real.

Sources:  Whedonesque, Rossum Corporation, Ditch The Tech, Wipe the Future

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