Dollhouse Production Shut Down (Temporarily)

So what the frak is happening now? No, they are not canceling Dollhouse. Breathe easy.

The production of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse starring Eliza Dusku has been stopped temporarily. This is good news, and it's interesting news. You're probably asking me what can be good about something so ominous as pausing the filming of a show? Glad you asked folks! (This drives my wife crazy, but I say there's always something good about everything.)

It seems that Joss Whedon has been actively involved in the shooting of the series and has directed two of the first three episodes. That's good as far as I'm concerned because it means it's his vision of the show that we are going to experience. Not someone else's interpretation or "take" on what he wrote.

What this also means is that for some reason, Joss has not cloned himself and placed his other half in a closet to write. So they are holding up production in orrder to give him time to write.

Joss asked for this. <<-- That's important to know. Which would explain why he isn't returning my calls.

See... not all bad folks. I know some of you were probably headed right for "Fox is Foxing it up again" alley, but remember, there's a different group at Fox now than there was when Firefly was Foxed.

Yet I can't help but wonder...

It could be wacky/weird timing, but this is really close to the same thing that happened over on the 24 production. They took a hiatus and gave the actors a break so the writing staff could catch up and pump out better quality material.

It seems that the 24 production team was unhappy with where the story was headed in a few future episodes, so they stopped, re-thought their approach, found a better direction and are having the new angles written up. Egads, this season of 24 is really challenged, but I'll be touching on that in a future post of mine.

Sources: Zap2it, TV Week

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