Is Dollhouse Already Doomed?

Is Fox "Foxing Up" again?

The Joss Whedon fans who were thinking of starting a "Save Dollhouse" website/campaign might have been on to something long before the rest of us.

Despite the previous report that Dollhouse will be airing on Mondays in 2009, Fox has distributed a press release last week announcing that the series will now premiere in February, on Friday the 13th.

WHAT are they thinking? Is this a demonstration of some massive amount of faith in the realm of Whedon fans to overcome the statistical fact that Friday nights are the worst time ever to air a show?

As it stands now, Mondays in 2009 have 24 & House lined up. For Fridays, they're going to prepare us for a resounding lineup starting January 16th with Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? at 8 PM and Don't Forget the Lyrics at 9 PM. Wow! That's gonna rile me up for sure... If anything, this lineup will make whatever else shows up after it seem incredibly compelling! Hold me back.

As it turns out, the lineup will be replaced starting on February 13th by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles at 8 pm, and the Dollhouse series premiere at 9 PM.

You may have never heard this out of me before, but I'm pissed off. There, I did it. I cussed. I couldn't contain it. Despite all the noise that was made about how Fox Television is a new and differently operated network - and that they would be in full support of Joss Whedon and his Dollhouse, I can't help but notice this SLIGHT conflict of planning.

Fridays are the time slot where shows get shoved when they're faltering or as some like to think, have no real network support. Do Dark Angel, The Lone Gunmen, John Doe or Firefly sound familiar? OK, maybe Firefly more than the others. But these shows were all victims of the Friday night time slot.

Oh, lest anyone forget, Battlestar Galactica will have its highly anticipated return of the 2nd half of the 4th and final season from January 16th to March 20th. BSG will be airing in its usual slot of Fridays at 10 PM. It shouldn't be a distraction, but I'm in the middle of a rant and can't help myself.

OK, let me play Devil's advocate to my own arguments here for just one teeny-tiny second...

Is Fox trying to revamp Friday night into a blockbuster Sci-Fi night? Are they trying to compete with the Sci-Fi Channel? Maybe they can... I... I... gads.

OK, that's all I can muster. Despite wavering ratings for some reason advertisers love Terminator and have helped it stay alive, so moving it to Friday is akin to using a bucket to bail out the Titanic.

The 'net, as a whole is echoing this very sentiment: that Fox has doomed Joss' show. Therefore, I am taking it upon myself to help generate the popularity it's going to need to succeed! Up and down the streets I shall go, carrying signs and playing town crier for Dollhouse.

In the meantime, check out this new trailer that's been released by Fox:

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