Fox Is Letting Dollhouse Go

The headlines all around the internet are spreading word the word that Fox has canceled Dollhouse. To be more specific, Fox has chosen not to order any more episodes beyond the first 13 episodes of Dollhouse's second season, sealing the fate of the Joss Whedon-helmed show.

Despite being overwhelmed in fan-voting websites by The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fox went with renewing Dollhouse for a 2nd season, ignoring the cry for more Sarah Connor.  Of course the popular theory is that Fox feared yet another long-term public lashing from how they handled the much superior Firefly space western of Joss' years prior.

Fox letting go of Dollhouse isn't a surprise.  The show confused or creeped out fans in the first season with its core premise.  However, when the show runners had a chance to capitalize on the flow of the story in the latter half of the first season, they kicked in the 2nd season with similar, fragmented episodes.

True, they started to dig deep into the inner workings of the characters.  At times the developments were mind-blowing, but this premise of programmable humans just hasn't caught on. And I'm not sure that you can blame Friday's in this era of DVR viewing and ratings that account for in the first 7 days that an episode has to impress people.

As it is, I'm guessing Joss wasn't surprised, but he did express his disappointment in the development. He said the show is getting better with each episode, as will be evidenced with the upcoming episodes that will be airing in December. If you remember, Fox booted Dollhouse off the air during the month of November for what they hope are improved sweeps stats.

At least Joss has time and will take advantage of the knowing about this ahead of time and he's looking to give the show a proper send off. Joss said that by the end of this ill-fated 2nd season of Dollhouse, we'll know what he's up to next.  But until then, he said "I'm off to pursue internet ventures/binge drinking."

Is anyone out there actually surprised by this development?  I'm not.

Source:  THR (link 1, link 2)

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