Dollface Full Trailer Sends Kat Dennings On A Post-Relationship Journey

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Kat Dennings is on a quest to reclaim her life following a surprise breakup with her longterm boyfriend in Dollface. The new comedy premieres on Hulu in November and looks to bring a woman-centric, slightly surreal sensibility to post-relationship comedies. Not so much a rom-com in the traditional sense as it is a rediscovery of the power of female friendships, the series is a welcome return to a starring role for Dennings, and a chance for Hulu to offer up a nice companion to the Emmy-nominated PEN15. 

The series hails from creator and writer Jordan Weiss, and co-stars Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), Esther Povitsky (Love), and Brenda Song (The Social Network). The three play friends of Dennings’s Jules, whom she neglected during her relationship with her now former boyfriend. As Jules recovers from the unexpected end of her relationship, she attempts to rekindle those fractured friendships, and to begin living a life on her own again. To help her out, Beth Grant as a cat lady in a surprisingly literal sense of the word. 

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The full trailer comes on the heels of the teaser trailer that was released not too long ago, and it offers a lot more of what was hinted at originally. Unsurprisingly, Dennings is very funny as Jules, capitalizing on her years in broadcast sitcom-land on 2 Broke Girls, but whereas that series aimed for more punchline-heavy dialogue, Dollface offers greater variety in its humor. Check out the full trailer for Dollface below:

There’re aren’t too many series where the main character’s goal its to rekindle the friendships she let die on account of spending to much time with her boyfriend. As such, Dollface stands a good chance at finding an audience that knows exactly what Jules is going through. That could present some challenges for Weiss’s new series, but from the looks of the full trailer, it likely won’t be the case. Instead, it’s a good bet that Hulu will have a clever new hit on its hands.  

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Dollface season 1 premieres Friday, November 15 exclusively on Hulu.

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