A Dog's Journey Trailer & Posters Preview A Dog's Purpose Sequel

Universal releases the first trailer and posters for A Dog’s Journey, the reincarnation-themed sequel to the comedy adventure film A Dog’s Purpose.

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Universal Pictures releases the first trailer and posters for A Dog’s Journey, the sequel to the comedy adventure film A Dog’s Purpose. Both movies are based on the concept of reincarnation. 

In 2010, author W. Bruce Cameron released the book A Dog’s Purpose, a New York Times bestseller in which a canine looks for meaning throughout four lifetimes with different owners. In 2017, Swedish director Lasse Hallström (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms) adapted the book for a theatrical release, with Josh Gad voicing the main dogs and Dennis Quaid co-starring as Ethan Montgomery, the subject’s closest companion. Produced for $22 million, A Dog’s Purpose earned $205 million at the box office, thus making a sequel inevitable, especially considering that Cameron released the book A Dog’s Journey in 2012. In Gail Mancuso’s cinematic adaptation, Quaid and Gad reprise their roles, with Glow’s Betty Gilpin joining the cast. 

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Universal Pictures has released the trailer for A Dog’s Journey. In the clip, Gad’s Bailey narrates the story and describes his relationship with “his boy Ethan,” played by Quaid. The canine, who can recall his past lives, reflects on his journey back to Ethan, along with this introduction to CJ - a young girl described as “the greatest new addition to our pack.” Bailey speaks of practical life matters with his family, and the visuals show a dog that’s ready for the next realm. See the trailer and posters below.

A Dog's Journey Poster Big Dog
A Dog's Journey Poster Max

Alas, Bailey departs only to return as a puppy, excited and fully ready to form a friendship with young CJ. Halfway through the trailer, CJ grows into a young woman and contemplates new opportunities, while the dog becomes reincarnated and returns to his new closest companion, and with Ethan always nearby in some form. Overall, the trailer emphasizes the ideas of spiritual awakening and fate. In a supporting role, Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Abby Ryder Fortson portrays Cassie.

Along with the trailer for A Dog's Journey, Universal Pictures also released complementary posters featuring the tagline “Some Friendships Transcend Lifetimes.” In each of the four images, various versions of the canine protagonist look upward, with the human companion’s feet visible at the bottom. Earlier this year, Sony Pictures released A Dog’s Way Home, an adaption of the aforementioned Cameron’s 2017 novel. 

Though dog-centric films may not have the entertainment appeal of blockbusters, they’ve proven to be successful in terms of revenue.

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A Dog’s Journey will be released on May 17.

Source: Universal Pictures

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