Dog the Bounty Hunter Says His Heart Attack Scare Was Actually a Broken Heart

Duane Chapman Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter's Duane "Dog" Chapman explains that his heart attack scare was actually a case of a broken heart. Just months after his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, passed away, the Dog's Most Wanted star was hospitalized.

Dog is a world-famous bounty hunter who pursues fugitives from his home state in Colorado all the way to Hawaii. Since 2004, Dog, his wife, and sons - Leland Chapman and Duane Lee Chapman - have been tracking down bad guys. His new series, Dog's Most Wanted for WGN America, has been following Dog as he chases down the harder, more dangerous criminals. The show has also shown the more private side of their life, most importantly Beth's battle with cancer. It's been an emotional few months for Dog as his wife and partner in crime, Beth, passed away at the age of 51 on June 26th after fighting a long and painful battle with stage 4 throat cancer. Dog has been mourning the loss of his wife has been clearly shaken up by the changes, even vowing to never marry again.

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This past week, sources close to the family said that Dog was taken to the hospital after he suffered from heart pain that doctors thought was a heart attack. The reality star was rushed to a hospital from near his Colorado home when he told paramedics that he had been experiencing chest pains. Doctors at the local hospital had put Chapman under watch for a heart attack and were to perform testing. The reality TV star was released from the hospital on Monday, September 16. On Wednesday, the 66-year-old reality TV star spoke to a Denver news station (via Us) about his recent health scare, saying that his heart "feels much better now." 

Dog The Bounty Hunter Beth Chapman

Dog went on to explain that he thinks that the loss of his wife is what caused the strange chest pains. He said, "I’m going through some psychological things right now too, so that doesn’t help. I think, basically, I had a broken heart. And of course, it’s going to heal." He explained the symptoms that put him in the hospital. He said, "I couldn't breathe." Dog went on to explain, "It was like I had ran a three or four-mile run. … There’s something haywire of it’s psychologically. I don’t know. I guess things happen like that. I’ve never … I don’t do drugs." Dog is still unsure of what exactly caused the heart attack related symptoms, but he said he has more test scheduled

Dog was taken aback by all of his fans that reached out with their support and prayers while he was in the hospital and thanked all of them. As the bounty hunter's health is now under control and he's back on the mend, Dog's bad luck will hopefully be behind him now. Fans can continue to watch Dog's Most Wanted on WGN America, where it highlights the last days of Beth's life alongside Dog as they capture some of America's toughest criminals.

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Source: Us

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