False Alarm: Dog the Bounty Hunter Didn't Have Heart Attack, Released from Hospital

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter didn't have a heart attack and has now been released from the hospital. Chapman confirmed he had been under doctor’s care for some pain in his upper chest, but said he is now just trying to heal.

Duane Chapman has had a rough couple of months with the passing of his beloved wife, Beth Chapman. Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth had been married since May of 2006. Viewers know that Beth had battled lung cancer for almost two years before she was put in a medically induced coma, passing away soon after. Her death came as a shock to the Chapman family as they had continued to film their reality show, Dogs Most Wanted, up until she ultimately passed away this past June.

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The reality star was rushed to a hospital from near his Colorado home, when he told paramedics that he had been experiencing chest pains. Doctors at the local hospital had put Chapman under watch for a heart attack and were to perform testing. Thankfully, Us Weekly has reported that Chapman was released from the hospital on Monday, September 16. He was sent home to continue recuperating.

It has been reported that doctors performed many different tests to get to the bottom of Chapman’s chest pains and concluded that that medical episode was related to stress and high blood pressure issues. When doctors performed an angiogram, the report came back normal, which would indicate that the reality star did not have a heart-related incident. The news of his wife’s passing had clearly taken an emotional and physical toll on the bounty hunter. Chapman had said in previous interviews that he still can not believe that Beth is really gone, adding that he could never see himself remarrying.

Fans can now rest a bit easier knowing that Dog is medically cleared and safe in his own bed. According to the doctors, it does not seem likely that Dog would need to have surgery performed.  The stress from the last three months took their toll on the bounty hunter, and everyone would just like to see him catch a break. Beth Chapman died only three months ago, and it will take much more time for the family to come to grips with their loss.

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Source: Us Weekly

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