Does Battle: Los Angeles Have A Bad Script?

I''m quite excited about Battle: Los Angeles - the script by Chris Bertolini was recently purchased by Columbia Pictures with Neal H. Moritz producing.

The film is supposed to be a mixture of Aliens, War of the Worlds, Black Hawk Down, Signs and Cloverfield.

However, unlike those films the script is supposed to be rubbish!

I'm willing to give this film a chance because it sounds like it could be a good silly action film, one without any sort of pretense other than that it is a fun ride. There isn't a director or a cast attached to this yet, so the film could have some rewrites that may make it much better.

To find out more about the film, keep reading.

Be aware though there are some spoilers.

Latino Review got a look at the script for the film and although the site says that there are good elements to the screenplay, they also say that the latter portion of the film begins to defy logic. Here is the synopsis that they gave:

Some light shines down into the Pacific Ocean next to Los Angeles. At first, these streaks of light seem like a type of northern lights, but people realize they’re actually objects splashing down into the water – and they’re not just falling, they’re slowing down, essentially landing, before they hit the water.

Out of the water, figures emerge – human-like at a distance, but definitely not human. They walk on two feet at first, but on land suddenly crouch down on all fours and race forward, ripping apart whoever is in their way.

People freak out. City’s evacuated. Good guys sent in to blow them up. Sgt. Nantz is given a troop of Generic Military Types to lead to fight these guys.

It’s not as easy as they thought – aliens have super-powered, low-flying space ships and the aliens basically have guns in their hands.

Along the way to wherever, the military types find some civilians in a community center – a few parents, their kids, and the teacher. One kid is autistic or something and generally non-responsive to stuff but started acting weird when the aliens invaded.

Now, with all odds against them, Nantz and his men try to lead the civilians to safety.

It doesn't sound too bad, but the script review states that the film becomes rather repetitive and that the aliens are defeated because the kid who is "autistic or something" can understand the aliens and due to the lucky fact that there is a hidden machine/device beneath the city of angels.

I still have faith in this film, the script was only purchased a few weeks ago, so it may be changed, and if we get a serious action director attached like Wolfgang Petersen, Tony Scott, Paul Verhoven or even Jonathan Mostow we could have a hell of a ride on our hands.

Casting would be a fun game too, but I'd bet that Gerard Butler and The Rock are at the top of the list.

Who would you like to see direct and star in this?

No news yet on a release date, but we'll keep you posted on all developments.

Source: Latino Review

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