Could The Next 'Doctor Who' Be A Woman?

Even though Russell T. Davies, the writer and executive producer of the present day Doctor Who series will not be involved in the next rendition of the new Doctor (he's leaving next year), he's not holding back with his opinion on who the next Doctor could be.

By his reckoning, he thinks Catherine Zeta Jones would make a great next rendition of The Doctor.  Meow!  I'd be all over that!  The show people, the show!

All joking aside, this is a nice twist of an idea for who might play the next rendition of the character.  As it is, the women associated with the 11th Doctor are:

  • Billie Piper (Very popular),
  • Lesley Sharp,
  • Georgia Moffat.

History in the Making?It would be a historical first for the show.  Heck, it's a historical first that anyone is even thinking of it and I applaud that method of thinking.  We've seen female butt kickers in other shows.  Why not here?  The Doctor won't be fighting vampires every episode, but the good Doctor will have his or her share of alien and time line issues!  If done right, it would be a grand success.

As it stands, David Tennant will appear in four specials through 2010 before moving on to greener pastures stuck in the same linear time line.

And Now?Auditions are presently being held for the new Doctor and of course Davies had to torment the public.  At a recent screening of the Christmas Day Doctor special, he was teasing viewers with the possibility that David Morrissey (co-starring in the special) could be a contender for the role.

Right now, Tennant had to bow out of his Hamlet role temporarily due to back surgery but Davies promises to go easy on him as they start filming the newest Doctor Who installment next month.


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