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A new gameplay trailer has been released for the upcoming Doctor Who virtual reality game, The Edge of Time. Developed by Maze Theory, a VR company led by previous PlayStation and Activision employees, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is inspired by the long-running BBC show of the same name and stars the voice of Jodie Whittaker, the thirteenth and current incarnation of the nominal Doctor.

For the uninitiated, Doctor Who is a series about a regenerating Time Lord who travels throughout history and space and often attempts to protect innocent people from being harmed by various malevolent forces, including the robotic, totalitarian Daleks. Doctor Who has been a staple of BBC science fiction for over fifty years, with multiple people assuming the role of the Doctor over the course of its run.

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Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will see players arming themselves with the versatile classic Sonic Screwdriver and piloting the iconic TARDIS as they step into the Doctor's shoes and solve puzzles, battle dangerous creatures, and explore extraterrestrial locations in order to defeat a powerful foe and stop a virus which threatens to rip reality apart. A trailer featuring The Edge of Time's virtual reality gameplay was recently released, showing off interactable objects, space travel, and the interior of the TARDIS, as well as multiple shots of creepy Weeping Angels.

Developer Maze Theory promises The Edge of Time will feature both iconic enemies from the series as well as brand-new creatures and stunning, cinematic environments. Although normally accompanied by a human companion, the game seems to depict one of the good Doctor's solo adventures, as no other NPCs are shown nor mentioned as the player changes fuses, examines skulls, and redirects lasers in the above video. Doctor Who isn't the only VR game Maze Theory is currently adapting from television either, as they are also working on a virtual reality experience to complement the gangster show Peaky Blinders.

For players looking to immerse themselves in the mythology of Doctor Who and experience an adventure through the eyes of the Doctor, virtual reality seems like the best option. The opportunity to pilot the TARDIS itself is almost too tempting for many fans of the series to pass up. Hopefully, those excited Whovians don't have much longer to wait, as Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is scheduled to be released in September 2019, which gives the VR game just one more day to make that planned appearance a reality.

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