Classic Doctor Who Coming To Twitch For 7-Week Marathon

Although it has become increasingly more difficult to find legitimate sources to watch classic Doctor Who online, fans will soon get a chance to watch some of the oldest (and some might argue, the best) episodes of the series via a seven-week marathon on Twitch.

Watching a TV show that's been around for 55 years is always a challenging prospect. Many fans of Doctor Who only discovered it after its revival in 2005. Episodes of the classic series (everything that came before the revival, from 1963 and on) were not always easy to find unless one was lucky enough to have a lot of money to spend in the BBC shop on DVDs. Equally problematic is that many of the classic episodes have gone missing, thanks to the BBC's bad habit of re-using its tapes and deleting and recording over those episodes. Classic Doctor Who does air on the Britbox streaming subscription service, but for those who have no interest in other British programming, that's not generally a good enough reason to sign up.

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BBC's official Doctor Who website recently reported, though, that classic episodes are coming to Twitch. The live streaming video platform will air episodes of classic Doctor Who over a seven-week period, allowing fans of the new series to finally get well-versed in classic Who knowledge.

First Doctor from Doctor Who

Fans will finally get to see the world through the eyes of the First Doctor, as well as go on adventures with the rest of the Doctors, all the way through the Seventh. This includes the very first episode of Doctor Who to ever air, "An Unearthly Child," which introduces the world to the Doctor, his granddaughter, her two teachers and the TARDIS.

Doctor Who recently made history by casting the first woman in the title role, a controversial choice that angered some fans. Jodie Whittaker will next step into the Doctor's shoes this fall, although she received a teaser scene as the Doctor at the end of Peter Capaldi's last episode, "Twice Upon A Time." Set photos suggest that fans can expect some classic characters to appear during Whittaker's first season, including K-9, the robotic dog that once served as a companion to both the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

Set your calendar for May 29 through July 23, when classic Doctor Who will live stream on Twitch. Summer is a good time to catch up on favorite shows, but this is one of the few opportunities fans will get to catch up on the longest running sci-fi show ever.

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