Doctor Who: Time Clash Tabletop Game Coming in November

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Ask any Whovian and they’ll be quick to tell you that Doctor Who is the greatest TV series of all time. Whether this is hyperbole or not is beside the point. The long running BBC sci-fi series has a unique ability to inspire incredible loyalty in its fans, who wait anxiously week after week, year in and year out, for the latest chapter in The Doctor’s time-spanning adventure. That kind of loyalty has kept the series on the air (off and on) for half a century now, with no signs of slowing down.

A series like Doctor Who, which has spawned numerous spin-offs and special episodes over the years, also inspires a sense of wonder and imagination. It’s difficult to watch Doctor Who without pondering what it would be like to meet The Doctor or, for the bold minded, even to be The Doctor. Superfans of any series will engage in this kind of imagining, of course, so Doctor Who isn’t exactly unique there. Still, that the series can still inspire such devotion after fifty plus years makes it one of the few series with that kind of legacy. Now, however, you can step out of your imagination and into the world of Doctor Who to have some adventures of your own.

Dice Tower News recently featured the upcoming tabletop game Doctor Who Time Clash, giving fans their first real look at card game which puts you directly in Doctor Who action. While the game had been previously demoed at Essen, where it received positive early buzz from players, fans can now take a closer look at the game prior to next month’s launch thanks to the release of the rule book.

The tabletop card game has players facing off as either The Doctor or his longtime opponents the Daleks in a quest for domination. Each player (or team) uses cards to build up forces in order to overwhelm and defeat their opponent in the end game. For the enemy side, players must rely on strategy and math in order to defeat The Doctor once and for all; The Doctor’s side, meanwhile, requires a little bit of luck, as is so often the case in Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Time Clash is expected to hit stores in November, giving players plenty of time to live out their Doctor Who fantasies before this year’s Christmas special airs, and before the new season starts next spring. While the current set features Peter Capaldi’s Doctor facing off against the Daleks, Cubicle 7 has already announced expansion packs that include Matt Smith’s Doctor vs. The Cybermen and David Tennant’s Doctor vs. the Daleks. Even with so much already planned, they’ve barely scratched the service of Doctor Who lore, making Time Clash a game with plenty of room to grow.

It doesn’t take much to imagine what other adventures they can cook up for this table top adventure, or in what ways the game might eventually be adaptable with future expansions. Presumably, each expansion will come with its own sets of positives and negatives, in addition to interchangeable scenarios that might allow you pit the fifth Doctor against a more recent foe like the Silence.

You can get a feel for the game by downloading the rulebook from DriveThruRPG, or place a pre-order direct from Cubicle 7. For fans who can’t stand the wait for new episodes, Time Clash looks like it just might be the perfect time killer.

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Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio will air in December on BBC1 and BBC America. Doctor Who season 10 is set to air in 2017, though dates have yet to be confirmed.

Source: Dice Tower News

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