Doctor Who: 10 Things We Want To See In Series 12

The eleventh series of Doctor Who carried more buzz than any other yet primarily because of the introduction of a female Doctor. With such a change, there was added interest to see how the show would differ from previous series’. 

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Now that the euphoria of the new style has passed away, it’s time for Doctor Who to present additional angles that will retain interest from viewers. In order to do so, the twelfth series needs to have these 10 things we want to see. Should the show pull them off, we might just have in our hands the best series for Doctor Who yet.

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Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who
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10 An Appearance From The Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who

The difference in personalities between the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors was like night and day, or the distance between Earth and Gallifrey - they’re like two different entities entirely. And yet, of course, the Twelfth Doctor did become the Thirteenth Doctor.

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A crossover between these two would be magic because of their contrasting personalities. It would be even better due to the fact that the Twelfth Doctor is the younger of the two, meaning he would be thunderstruck at seeing himself become something of a happy-go-lucky lunatic; his reaction would be so worth the watch. The Eleventh or Tenth Doctor wouldn't have a problem with becoming a bumbling buffoon (considering the two already were that), so it's really the Twelfth who is fit for this choice.

9 More Scary Episodes

Jodie Whittaker and a Dalek in Doctor Who

A definite drawback of the eleventh series was how we didn’t really get many scares for ourselves. In fact, the previous series of Doctor Who was the most wholesome of all, and it felt a lot more geared towards educating kids than delivering those hiding-behind-the-couch scares the show had become famous for.

We know the Thirteenth Doctor is capable of owning the scene, but this will only be put to the test if she can face off against enemies that scare the viewer and make them believe the Doctor is in real danger. In this regard, the Thirteenth Doctor needs a horror style episode, one that offers new and unique antagonists.

8 Several New Costumes

Jodie Whittaker as The Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who

You might have noticed how the Eleventh Doctor had totally shifted from his tweed coat to a more Doctor-y look in the seventh series; and the Twelfth Doctor was famous was constantly shifting his costumes, with a notable one even having him in pajamas and a hoodie.

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These costume changes were part of the development in the psyche of the Doctor, and the Thirteenth very badly needs this. Her appearance in the eleventh series hasn’t been unanimously praised, and the best way to change this reception is by giving us several different looks for her within the span of a couple or more episodes.

7 Return Of River Song

River Song 2015 Christmas Special Doctor Who

However long Alex Kingston is active as an actress and Doctor Who is running, we’ll want River Song to return with whoever is the current Doctor. The storyline of the Doctor and River Song meeting across time and space at different intervals will never stop being interesting, which would only be doubled by having River Song meet the Thirteenth Doctor.

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In her last appearance, River had briefly mentioned the Twelfth Doctor reminded him of her second wife; we don’t need to spell it out for you that the show can easily place this wife to be the Thirteenth Doctor, adding in a superb previously mentioned point, and completing another circle of her story.

6 Change In Character For The Thirteenth Doctor

Jodie Whittaker as Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who

Look, nobody loves how chirpy the Thirteenth Doctor is more than us, but it’s also clear that the continued happy personality will wear thin very soon if it remains the way it is in the next series. 

The Twelfth Doctor had started out dark and brooding, only to become quite a snarky little hoot by his second series and continuing over to his final appearance; the opposite of this should start for the Thirteenth Doctor. While she should retain her positivity, she should alter her character to also thinking in a cunning and manipulative manner, in order for us to see her as a viable contender as one of the great Doctors.

5 Departure of Current Companions

The current companions feel great for the family-style setting of the show that has been going on, but it is time to shake things up by setting them off on their merry way. They haven’t had any definite characterization like Clara or Amy had before, and there’s a pack mentality with them that makes these guys feel interchangeable.

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This is why the show should have them bow out in the next series but do so in such a way that leaves them open to return. An exit like how Martha Jones got would be great, where the companions learn how much they love adventure but choose to live out their normal lives.

4 Return Of The Weeping Angels

Weeping Angel in Doctor Who

There are a whole lot of villains we’d like to see return; however, the Weeping Angels are such that can’t be topped in terms of impact. Having the Thirteenth Doctor embroiled in an angle concerning these villains could be the star-making turn she needs, as these antagonists previously gave the Doctor a chance to fully show us what he’s capable of. 

Rather than have the usual angle, though, this time around the Weeping Angels should carry some kind of a twist, such as when we saw the Statue of Liberty being a Weeping Angel once before.

3 Space Related Episodes

The police Box TARDIS from Doctor Who in space

Nothing beats space, really; you could have the show set in the past or future all the livelong day, but giving us planets far in the solar system is where the fun is at. In Series 1, it was the episode where we saw the Earth from space in the year 5 billion that spelled long-term success for the show, and similar episodes have been a highlight.

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Besides, it drives home the idea of the Doctor being an alien when the companions themselves realize what it is like to be an alien when they end up somewhere in space. These kind of episodes also are far more creative than Earth-based ones, so we will be in for a visual treat.

2 A Memorable Soundtrack

There are certain moments on Doctor Who such as when Rose was separated from the Doctor, or when Amy was sent to the past, or maybe when the Doctor strummed “Clara” on his guitar; they add an emotional punch to the scene in question.

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Things need to be in high gear in the twelfth series, what with the characters now not being fresh - music is just the ticket to energize scenes for our viewing pleasure. Should the show really pull the trigger on a companion’s departure, then that episode needs to have a heartwarming score.

1 A Grand Speech

Whenever people are unsure of any Doctor’s greatness, that particular Doctor delivers a mind-shattering speech that has us in awe of his power. So far, the Thirteenth has lacked a big, powerful speech that makes you want to view it on repeat on Youtube, but there is still plenty of time to cover this.

Speeches like the Tenth’s “So much more”, or the Twelfth’s “War” speech are both empowering and inspiring, and the Thirteenth needs that one epic moment where she has everyone - both in-universe characters and the viewer - rapt with attention as she seizes control and delivers a meaningful message.

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