Teaser for Tennant’s Last Doctor Who: The End of Time

While Americans were sitting at home on Sunday watching 60 Minutes, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Dexter, our friends across the pond in the UK were being treated to some of the best television known to man. In the UK, not only was Sunday night the start of the fourteenth season of the always wonderful motor program, Top Gear,  it was also the premiere of ”The Waters of Mars,” the second (of four) Doctor Who specials to air in 2009.

Unfortunately, for those in the US, you will have to wait until December 19th to see exactly what aquatic horrors lie on the distant red planet. So, for the sake of not being called names that make me cry (even though I’m extremely manly), I shall refrain from discussing any elements of “The Waters of March” until the special airs on BBC America.

Still, while those in the U.S. were not able to be a part of the 9.1 million viewers in the UK to tune in, there’s still some awesomeness that everyone across the world can enjoy.

As in typical Doctor Who behavior, the end of an episode not only brings the credits but also a preview of what’s coming next. I was afraid that there would be no preview because the next episode would be the first part of the two-part finale in which we will see the demise of our beloved Doctor by he who “will knock four times,” but in typical Russell T. Davies fashion, he delivers.

Instead of me babbling on about how great this teaser is, I’ll just let you check it out for yourself:

I’ve seen this trailer about 20 times and each time I can’t help but get goosebumps. There’s something dark and powerful about these episodes. While last Christmas’ “The Other Doctor” and Easter’s ”The Planet of the Dead” were underwhelming, “The Waters of Mars” and this teaser really have me excited about what’s to come.

The quick glimpses of John Simm returning as the Master and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble have filled me with enough Doctor Who excitement to last me until Christmas.

…just better make sure that I have an ample supply of Kleenex stocked up as this Noël will be a teary one.

What do you think of the teaser? Does this have you excited? Do you think “The End of Time” will be a fitting end for David Tennant as the Doctor?

Let’s hear it, you Gallifreyan loving readers.

(Don’t forget that November 20 is the British charity appeal BBC Children In Need and with it we just might be treated to the opening sequence of “The End of Time.”)

Doctor Who “The Waters of Mars” will air December 19 on BBC AmericaDoctor Who “The End of Time” will air December 25 on BBC One (UK Only - No date has been announced for the U.S.)

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