Doctor Who's TARDIS Gets an Upgrade!

Fans of the Gallifreyan traveler can add one more thing to the long list of changes we can expect on the new series of Doctor Who premiering in 2010, as one surreptitious fan caught a glimpse of the TARDIS on location in a churchyard. And while it doesn't appear to actually be bigger on the inside, there's something different about our favorite time-traveling police box. Luckily, the furtive fan also brought along a camera so I don't have to describe it (because I'm horrible at descriptions).

"There are lights and stairs."


While you're not able to distinguish everything that's been changed by looking at the photos, you can tell that they've added these small platforms that ascend to another level. Oh yeah, I think they're called stairs (See! Bad description once again). If you look closely, you can see that they've added a second level in the main console area for the newly regenerated Doctor to peruse.

There are so many changes happening to Doctor Who that I've given up having a reaction to each and every one of them as they popped up. Although, I've got say that I'm not really a fan of adding stairs. Sure, the doctor has regenerated so he's new. He's picks up a new companion so she's new. I just don't see how that adds up to the interior of the TARDIS getting an upgrade. If the TARDIS is in the upgrade business, you would think that it would have fixed the chameleon circuit that has been broken for almost 50 years instead of focusing on adding a more cool/hip vibe to the control room.

Take a look at some of the pictures below for a closer look at what we can expect for our youthful Doctor and companion.

Am I over-thinking this? Sure, but that's what I do and that's what people love about me. (It's also why I used to get beat up in high school, but we won't talk about that. Well, not without a cup of hot chocolate with extra mini-marshmallows.)

Be sure to check out the renovated TARDIS on the new series of Doctor Who starting in 2010.

Source: Gallifrey Base (registration required) [via: io9]

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