'Doctor Who' Season 7: Details of Amy & Rory's Final Episode

Doctor Who - Angel Take Manhattan Details

Details are starting to trickle in about the day loyal fans of the BBC’s hit space odyssey Doctor Who have been dreading – the day when we say a finale goodbye to The Doctor's faithful wedded companions, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill). In a two-part story written by series showrunner Steven Moffat, ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ sees The Doctor and Amy race against time through the streets of Manhattan to save Rory’s life as statues throughout New York start coming to life around them.

The episode reunites The Doctor with his guns-a-blazing bride River Song (Alex Kingston) – whose skills will probably be needed more than ever and will mark the return of fan-favorite villains The Weeping Angels. While traveling with the Doctor has shown the beloved couple many wondrous sights and adventures, it has also taken a hefty toll, including the abduction of their only child - which rendered Amy unable to have more kids and almost took the their marriage with it.

Despite all they have already lost to their astonishing journeys in the TARDIS, is seems Rory and Amy may pay the ultimate price – their lives. In a recent interview, Matt Smith discussed Series 7 and the exit of his long time co-stars:

What’s really interesting about these next five episodes… it deals with the fall of the Ponds and the demise of those two great companions that the Doctor is hugely, hugely attached to and had such a significant impact on him as a character and for me as an actor. So that’s bound to be an event that flips his universe massively.”

Rumors of Amy and Rory’s death have been buzzing around for awhile now, and Smith’s use of the word “demise” sure isn’t helping much. True the word may be up for interpretation, but it strongly suggests that things won’t end well for the treasured lovers.

Doctor Who - Angel Take Manhattan Details - Amy and Rory Wedding

Moffat adds a bit of fuel to the death rumor wildfire by saying:

[The Doctor] becomes a slightly different man. He even dresses differently. We are going to do the story properly of the Doctor having lost a friend and making a new one. We’re not taking that lightly.”

The new friend Moffat is referring to is the new companion played by actress Jenna Louise Coleman – who debuted in the season 7 opener ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ as the ill-fated Oswin Oswald; She's expected to return to the series in the upcoming Christmas Special as Clara. Moffat is not saying exactly how that will happen, but after the shocking twist at the end of "Asylum of the Daleks" and the "heartbreaking" loss of Amy and Rory, it will take some clever writing to reintroduce Coleman back into the series.


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