'Doctor Who' Season 8 Won't Premiere Until Autumn 2014

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The waiting game for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and for this years eventful Christmas Special - which will see the end of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor and the rise of Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor - may seem unbearable, but it may pale in comparison to the wait that Whovians will have to endure following those two episodes.

According to a new report, season 8 of the regenerated series will return in the autumn of 2014, meaning that we are more than a year away from the next season of Doctor Who and a full look at the new Doctor.

Here's a bit from The Guardian's Top 100 profile of Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who may not be quite the force it was when it returned with Christopher Eccleston and in its David Tennant heyday in the UK, but has a growing audience in the US on cable channel BBC America.

It will not return next year until the autumn, giving it plenty of time to recharge batteries. And what better way to do that than with a new Doctor?

Previous reports had indicated that the next season/series would bow in August, so this is a bit of a push-back - meaning fans will have to endure an even greater delay following the more than six month delay between the season 7 finale and the anniversary special's November air-date. Does the show really need that much battery re-charging?

Granted, this last season didn't net the critical accolades like some of Moffat's past work on the show, but with the ceaseless speculation and all the buzz generated by the dawn of a new Doctor, one would think that the BBC and Steven Moffat would be chomping at the bit to push the show out to the world as soon as is possible to capitalize on the vaunted announcement.

Sherlock Season 3 begins filming in March 2013 for Winter premiere

Trouble is, Moffat is a busy fellow thanks to his Sherlock commitment, and with that show presently filming its 3rd season, some will likely repeat an oft-uttered criticism against Moffat - particularly among American fans who are used to more consistency: Moffat has too many irons in the fire, making Doctor Who less than his top priority at various times.

Whether Moffat's mixed focus and busy schedule is at the heart of this specific delay is not known, but it is reasonable to assume that the show would likely enjoy a more consistent schedule if not for his side work. Still, there are plenty of people who clearly think that these sacrifices are worth it - particularly the BBC, who collects gains from both Who and Moffat's Sherlock success - but at some point, even they have to realize that anticipation can turn to anger if the tease is proceeded by a great expanse of time and little else.


Doctor Who returns for its 50th Anniversary Special on November 23

Source: The Guardian, Digital Spy

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