'Doctor Who' Season 7 Trailer Revealed - Daleks, Dinosaurs and Times Square!

Doctor Who Season 7 - Daleks & Amy

Doctor Who may have been cut out of the Olympics Opening Ceremony, but the sister "Beebs" (BBC and BBC America) are making sure everyone still receives their fill of the Doctor this summer. In the first official TV trailer for Doctor Who season 7, our favorite time traveler looks to be facing some of his darkest moments - again.

Opening with an awe-inspiring scene from the season 7 premiere, a showdown between the Doctor and millions of Daleks serves to set the tone for this highly-anticipated season. Proving that the Doctor is still able to keep his humor in the face of chaos, the notion of having dinosaurs on a spaceship will certainly have everyone – not only the Doctor – excited to see what happens when his adventures become prehistoric in the second episode.

However, the Doctor had become too loud, too noisy, and will certainly have to pay a high price for his choices. As the trailer continues, the Doctor, commenting on all those who died because of his mercy, reveals the always engrossing reflective side of the legendary character. River Songs briefly appears in the trailer, but without revealing any background or setting of her appearances, fans can only guess where this season will take the eleventh iteration of the world’s savior, and what she’ll be able to do to help the Doctor through the tough decisions he’ll be forced to make throughout.

Reminiscent of the extremely emotional season 4 finale, the Doctor will not only be facing his greatest foes, but will also be bidding farewell to fan-favorite companions Amy and Rory, forever.  New companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) has been announced to fill the void left by the Williams family, whose scenes will all take place within the season's first five episodes, with Clara making her debut closer to the  Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012,.

Of course, while everyone will be watching to see when if the Doctor makes it through everything that the first half of the season has to throw at him, the oldest question in the universe still remains in the mind of all fans. Because - as we all know - on the fields on Trenzalor, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked – a question that must never, ever be answered…

...Doctor who?


Doctor Who season 7 premieres autumn (late-August/September) on BBC and BBC America

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Source: BBC America

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