'Doctor Who' Season 7 Finale Trailer & Prequel: Trenzalore is Here!

Doctor Who Season 7 - River Song

Now that Neil Gaiman’s penultimate episode of Doctor Who season 7 has aired, it’s time to prepare for the highly-anticipated finale. And thanks to the trailer for next week’s episode (below), as well as a much needed prequel (above), we now know that the "fields of Trenzalore" is upon us.

In the 3-minute prequel to the Doctor Who season 7 finale, which is essentially split into two parts, Clara and the Doctor each present the many questions one has for the other. “I found out on the day we went to Trenzalore,” is how both internal monologues end, hinting to fans that answers, though significantly delayed, are finally coming. But is it time for the fall of the Eleventh?

That aspect of the finale, it seems, still remains a mystery; after all, Matt Smith is in the 50th Anniversary. What the two videos combined do show, though, is that Clara, the impossible girl, was born to save the Doctor. Whether that be literal or figuratively, it appears that the Doctor’s life will be in danger next week, and Clara is the only one who can save him, despite Rivers, Strax, Madam Vastra and Jenny also being present. But as the Doctor questions in the prequel, could Clara be "too perfect" of a companion for him?

You can watch the trailer below:

Ever since the Doctor Who season 7 premiere, Clara’s mystery has generally been an awkwardly-handled storyline which has loomed over almost every episode; hints at answers were always present, but they were fully explored. And though part 2 of this season has had some enjoyable, standalone episodes, the ever-present questions about Clara and who (or what) she is have always taken focus away from the story at hand. Now, it seems, all will be revealed. Could all this wait for answers be worth it? Perhaps.

In part 1 of this season, Amy and Rory traversed a similarly bumpy path in their last few episodes, in which there was a sense that Steven Moffat, the Doctor Who mastermind, was attempting to make their departure easier by simply trying to get audiences to like them less. That said, in the end, the tale of Amy and Rory received a beautiful and heat-breaking conclusion – and there was even a deleted, unproduced scene which is equally as moving.

So even though most of Clara’s journey wasn’t laid out as perfectly as some had hoped, there’s no doubt that Moffat will make up for it and then some in the season 7 finale. Whether or not this conclusion will have been worth the wait, however, is something that each fan will have to decide for themselves.


Doctor Who season 7 finale airs next week @8pm on BBC America

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