Part One of Doctor Who season seven spent a lot of time preparing audiences for the eventual exit of companions, Amy Pond and Rory Williams – as well as teasing their successor, Clara Oswald (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman). Despite two cameo appearances on the show, viewers have yet to meet the version of Coleman’s character that will actually be traveling with the Doctor in his TARDIS. The recurring mystery behind Clara, paired with the ups and downs of the Amy/Rory departure arc, left some Who fans feeling as though showrunner Steven Moffat spent a lot of time spinning his wheels this season.

However, whether you’ve enjoyed Part One of series seven (along with the 2012 Christmas Special) or not, it’s safe to assume that Doctor Who will finally get some traction in the season 7.5 premiere, “The Bells of Saint John” – kicking-off the official debut of Clara (not to mention future adventures through space and time).

To promote the mid-season premiere, BBC has been releasing a steady stream of marketing materials (check out the full length trailer) – teasing the upcoming episode and beyond. In addition to a 30 second preview of “The Bells of Saint John” (see above), the network has also unveiled a prequel minisode (set in between “The Snowmen” Christmas Special and the season 7.5 premiere) as well as a sneak peek clip.

Check them out below:

“The Bells of Saint John” Prequel Minisode

The Doctor Changes! Season 7.5 Teaser

Anyone who isn’t “New to Who,” will no doubt recall similarities between “The Bells of Saint John” Prequel Minisode and the introduction of prior companion Amy Pond, “The Girl Who Waited.” The Doctor first met Pond when she was a kid – and returned for her many years in the future. As a result, it comes as relief that the Prequel Minisode concludes with the Doctor unaware of yet another fateful encounter with Clara Oswald. Instead of a key plot point, it’s a sweet lead-up to the mid-season premiere and a fun tease at the Doctor’s sassy new companion.

Obviously, the trailer is the most revealing piece of marketing for “The Bells of Saint John” – laying out the central plot of the episode: “There’s something living in the Wi-Fi – harvesting human minds.” Can’t wait for the episode? The mysterious “something” (aka the Spoonheads) were previewed in the Doctor Who mid-season premiere poster – reflected in shattered glass panes along with other forthcoming Doctor Who enemies.

Still, you might also be able to catch a glimpse of the creatures in the recently released promotional “Bells of Saint John” images (click to enlarge):

 Doctor Who Meets Clara in Season 7.5 Premiere Trailer & Prequel Minisode

 Doctor Who Meets Clara in Season 7.5 Premiere Trailer & Prequel Minisode

Unlike, the trailer and prequel minisode, there’s no context for “The Doctor Changes!” sneak peek clip, though a mid-season break is a good time to implement minor alterations to the Doctor’s wardrobe. We’ll have to wait for the upcoming episode to know the exact context for the clip (which almost certainly involves a misadventurous  run-in with a monk).

In addition to “Bells of Saint John” teasers and sneak peeks, BBC has also debuted a somewhat “dated” minisode that reveals how Strax joined forces with Jenny and Vastra after the battle at Demon’s Run in season six, episode seven. The minisode might have been more appropriately timed before the 2012 Christmas Special – which introduced the Strax/Madame Vastra (along with partner Jenny) team-up. Regardless of the timing, the minisode offers a campy, albeit thin, addition to supporting character back stories.

Demon’s Run: Two Days Later

What if you don’t want to just watch the Doctor, maybe you want to be the Doctor? In that case, BBC has partnered with Sony to add Doctor Who-inspired items in PlayStation Home – including your very own TARDIS and Doctor Who-themed apparel. BBC promises further PlayStation Home support down the line – which could mean Doctor Who mini-games and interactive spaces.

Check out the trailer for Doctor Who in PlayStation Home below:

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for further updates and a review of the Doctor Who season 7.5 premiere, “The Bells of Saint John” in the coming days! In the meantime, check out our Doctor Who Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List!

Doctor Who returns Saturday, March 30th 2013 with “The Bells of St John.”

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