First Full-Length 'Doctor Who' Season 6 Trailer Has Arrived

Doctor Who season 6 trailer

If you’re not already excited for next month’s Doctor Who season 6 premiere, the release of the first full-length trailer for the upcoming season will surely have you permanently sitting on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

In the trailer’s one-minute run-time, so many scenes from Doctor Who season 6 will flash before your eyes – and each one is more amazing than the previous. With River Song’s ominous voice-over, she announces that “this is the Doctor’s darkest hour. He will rise higher than ever before, then fall so much further.” From the imagery that accompanies these wonderful sound-bites, there’s no doubt that the Doctor is indeed in trouble.

As a veritable treasure trove of monsters, aliens, creepy clowns and angel-esque creatures quickly appear on the screen, a second viewing is almost certainly needed, as the initial image shown when the trailer begins will surely be stuck in your head: a disheveled Doctor being held prisoner.

Alright, enough talking. You can view the full-length trailer for Doctor Who season 6 below:


Now that you have been able to see the wonderfully put together trailer for Doctor Who season 6, it’s time to discuss what might be the most exciting part of the upcoming season – River Song revealing herself.

This is the moment that fans have been waiting for ever since we were introduced to her in the terrific season 4 episodes “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead.” As River announces in the trailer, “This is the day that he finds out who I am.”

While it has been suggested that River Song is the Doctor’s wife – and the supplemental scene that accompanied the voice-over certainly adds to this thought – with Stephen Moffat in the writer’s chair, who knows what wonderful revelation he has written for Dr. Song.

With so many wonderful things contained within this short trailer, it’s hard not to fawn over each and every one one of them. To prevent myself from running at the mouth, I shall stop with this one final quote:

Ominous voice: Fear me: I have killed hundreds of Time Lords!

Doctor: Fear me: I’ve killed all of them.


Doctor Who season 6 premieres April 23 on BBC One, BBC America & UKTV (Australia)

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