Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Breakdown: 13 Reveals & Secrets

7. Graham Gets A Head Implant

In all the publicity so far surrounding the new companions, Graham has looked like any other regular British guy. As such, this shot really stands out: here's Bradley Walsh with some kind of impact on the side of his face holding what appears to be a weapon. It's hard to speculate what's going on here - is it a simple part of a story or something more nefarious - but, clearly, some missions are going to push the characters out of their comfort zones.

6. The Doctor's New Best Friends

"Will you be my new best friends?" It's only one line, but the end of Whittaker's speech is an evocative one. First of all, how times have changed. The Doctor always had an assistant; someone who was clearly not operating at the same level as the Time Lord themselves, but merely there to help out a little bit. Then, that moved to the companion role; a person who got involved in the action as well as offering friendship and emotional support. However, the Doctor has been lonely for a while now, and his (now her) recent companionships have ended in sadness. To hear her asking if Graham, Yaz, and Ryan - such a diverse range of ages and personalities - will be her new best friends was really wonderful. The Doctor has hope and positivity once more.

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5. New Doctor, New Screwdriver

One of the big reveals both in the trailer and during the SDCC panel, was the Doctor's brand new sonic screwdriver. It's a very new design, much more space-age than previous versions and almost wand like on the end. Importantly, it fits Whittaker's hand perfectly.

Chibnall teased that we'll learn how the sonic screwdriver comes about in Episode 1, but there's also a shot in the trailer of her using it in action. It may be reaching, but the shot of the Doctor doing something akin to forging or welding could possibly be the sonic screwdriver's creation, especially since she's still in Capaldi's clothes.

4. The Doctor Runs

There have been lots and lots of corridors or underground bunker type scenes in Doctor Who over the years, and with everything being so new, it's actually quite refreshing to see the Doctor underground once more, dodging sparks and running for her life. Who or what she's running from remains to be seen, but with no two-part stories, and lots of new monsters, there's going to be tons of possibility here.

3. The Doctor Visits The Wild West

Well, there are horses, anyhow. A shot in the Doctor Who season 11 trailer features people on horseback and the setting looks distinctly Wild West themed lighting. With historical figures said to play a part in Doctor Who season 11, could it be that we're taken either back in time to the Wild West in the U.S., or to another planet where the Wild West lifestyle is the norm? That's something Stephen King has already explored in his Dark Tower series; maybe his work has proven to be inspirational to Chibnall?

2. The Doctor Meets Some Familiar Guest Stars

New Doctor Who showrunner Chibnall was previously the showrunner on Broadchurch, which starred Tenth Doctor David Tennant alongside Whittaker. This is, of course, how Chibnall knew Whittaker had the talent needed to pull this role off, although it seems he's brought another Broadchurch alumni along for the ride. In a shot near to the end of the trailer, we can see Shaun Dooley standing next to Whittaker. He played a prominent role in Broadchurch season 2, making this nighttime episode something of a reunion.

1. "This Is Gonna Be Fun"

Finally, the Doctor closes out the trailer with a bright smile, saying by "Right then. This is gonna be fun." Whatever she's referring to here - her new regeneration, making her sonic screwdriver, or some bonkers plan - she's undoubtedly right about season 11 as a whole too

Everything highlighted in the Doctor Who trailer looks promising and exciting, and it will definitely be interesting to see the dynamic between the Doctor and her new best friends evolve. As for the Doctor herself; with her quirky outfit choices, happy demeanor and broad Yorkshire accent, doesn't she look brilliant?

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Doctor Who will return to BBC America in fall 2018.

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