Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Breakdown: 13 Reveals & Secrets

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who

The first proper trailer for Doctor Who Series 11 has dropped, revealing a lot of details about the new season - and Jodie Whittaker's Doctor.

Doctor Who's panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 was already highly anticipated; the prospect of hearing the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, and the new showrunner, Chris Chibnall, discussing her casting, was enticing. Then came news that a longer trailer would debut, following on from the very brief teaser that debuted last weekend.

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After an impressive entrance to the panel itself from Whittaker, fans in Hall H were treated to the first look at the trailer. At 40 seconds long, it's not extensive, but it does give a good look at what to expect from Doctor Who season 11, as well as some exciting reveals that power some interesting theories. Check out our breakdown and discussion below.

13. The Doctor Wakes Up

The opening of the trailer still has Whittaker's Doctor in Peter Capaldi's costume, as she wakes with a gasp as if from a bad dream. When she first regenerated, Thirteen was flung out of the TARDIS and sent crashing towards the ground. It's not clear if this is her waking up straight away, but in the trailer opening, she doesn't seem to be in the TARDIS itself.

Fittingly, the first lines we hear from her are"All of this is new to me." Could it be that it's all so new, that the Doctor doesn't know how to drive her TARDIS yet?

12. Meet The New Companions

Doctor Who New Companions

The short teaser for Doctor Who season 11 gave us our first look at the Doctor's new companions, Graham (Bradley Walsh), Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Yaz (Mandip Gill), and this trailer highlights them again. None of the trio speak, but as the Doctor narrates, we get a lingering shot of all of them in turn. Yaz looks as though she's contemplating something, though it's hardly surprising given the fact that an alien Time Lord has come into her life. Ryan is investigating a glowing object, while Graham looks exhausted.

All three are then present in many more scenes during the trailer, so the Doctor must make quite the compelling case for them to stick around.

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11. New Worlds To Explore

The Doctor explains that everything is new to her, including new faces and new worlds. We don't get an extensive look at any of these new worlds individually, but the glimpses highlight their variety. The first planet we see looks like some kind of war-torn space wasteland, with damaged machinery dumped on a desolate land. The second world we see has a beach, with the Doctor and her new friends climbing a sand dune. Chibnall has said that a lot will be brand new locations this season, and the trailer definitely highlights that.

10. New Times

It's not just space, though, but time too. The Doctor also mentions exploring "new times", teasing some of Doctor Who's classic period episodes. One shot appears to be in a military base, going by the cars 1950s America, which would tie into the rumor that the Doctor will meet Rosa Parks during one episode.

No other past settings are seen, but there's plenty of classic sci-fi locations that could conceivably in the future - as well as a very present-looking parking lot.

9. The Doctor's First Adventure

Much has been made of the Doctor's new outfit, and there are many shots of her wearing it in the new trailer, but what stands out are the other costume; it appears Thirteen's first adventure will see her still in the same clothes as Capaldi's Doctor. It will be interesting, then, to see how or when she does change, and if any reasoning is given for her choice of attire. The Doctors are all renowned for having their own unique looks, and Whittaker's looks set to be another classic.

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8. The Doctor In Pain

There's one extremely brief shot in the trailer that shows things not going too well for the Doctor, with her seemingly battling a fierce headache. Could it be the effect from one of the many new monsters that Chibnall spoke about at the SDCC panel? We don't see any in the trailer but their threat is ever-present.

We can definitely say it isn't regeneration related, however, given that Whittaker's wearing her standard Doctor costume.

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