Doctor Who: 14 Big Questions After The Weirdest Episode Of Season 11

5. Did You Spot The "Mirror Effect?"

It's easy to miss that, when the Doctor and her friends enter the Mirror Dimension, their images are actually flipped on the screen. Graham and the Doctor’s haircuts are now parted on the other side, Yaz and the Doctor’s earrings have moved around, their clothes have flipped. Even their actions are slightly altered, with the normally right-handed Thirteenth Doctor holding the sonic screwdriver in her left hand. The most easy-to-spot clue to this is Erik's T-shirt, where the band logo is the wrong way round.

4. Was That A Jon Pertwee Reference?

Jon Pertwee is The Doctor

In one scene, the Doctor is desperately attempting to use the sonic screwdriver to control the portal. "What if you do something it hasn’t dealt with before," Yaz suggests. "Like you reverse the polarity or something?" It's a reference sure to delight old-school Doctor Who fans, who would recognize a catchphrase typically associated with Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor. The phrase was created at Pertwee's request, so he didn't have to deal with memorizing new technobabble in every episode. "Yasmin Khan, you speak my language," Jodie Whittaker's Doctor tells Yaz - and she's right.

3) Why Did The Solitract Appear As A Frog?

The end of "It Takes You Away" is undeniably one of the weirdest scenes in Doctor Who history. The Doctor walks through a dazzling white light to come face-to-face with the Solitract. "The Solitract is a frog," she observes, reeling, "who talks like Grace?" As strange as this may be, it makes an odd kind of sense. Grace used to quite like frogs, and the Solitract thus associated the form of a frog with something that brought joy and pleasure. It's important to remember that the Solitract isn't really used to interacting with people, so it probably thinks this is a good attempt to get the Doctor to relax in its presence. "There's me thinking the day had no more surprises left," the Doctor comments, speaking for pretty much every viewer.

2. How Did The Doctor And Her Friends Get Out Of The Anti Zone So Easily?

Tragically, the mere presence of people from our reality on the Solitract Plane led to its beginning to break down. No longer needed, the Anti-Zone began to shrink and crumble. Given the Anti-Zone was originally presented as a pretty large maze, how did the Doctor and her friends escape before the walls crushed them? The only possible solution to this problem is to presume that the rate of collapse wasn't standard across the entire Anti-Zone. Instead, it could be that the main passage - which seems to be the center of the Anti-Zone - was the last thing to go.

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1) Is Bradley Walsh The Real Star Of Doctor Who Season 11?

The real star of "It Takes You Away" is undoubtedly Bradley Walsh. It's important to remember that, for Graham, traveling in the TARDIS is itself an escape from his grief and loss; he simply can't bear pottering around the house he used to share with Grace. This episode tugs on Graham's heart-strings from the start, as he remembers that he and Grace always wanted to go to Norway. Then he's exposed to the Solitract Plane, and is left reeling by the apparently-resurrected Grace. Walsh pulls off a remarkably nuanced portrayal, demonstrating an impressive emotional depth. The end scene is touching, with Ryan finally accepting that Graham is his grandfather.

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Doctor Who season 11 concludes next Sunday.

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