Doctor Who Season 11 To Feature Show’s FIRST Writers Of Color

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who

The upcoming Doctor Who season 11 continues to break new ground for the series as the new season will feature the first writers of color to ever work for the show. The new season will see more diversity, both inside and outside of the TARDIS.

It's hard to believe that in the long history of Doctor Who, no writers of color have ever worked for the series. But in looking at its history, the writer's room has never been that diverse. In the 55 years that the show has existed, only nine women have served as writers. That's kind of strange considering the series would not exist without producer Verity Lambert, who helped bring the very first episodes of the series to television sets across Britain. But even odder is that no person of color has ever written for the show, although those early episodes were directed by a British man of Indian descent, Waris Hussein.

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That all changes with season 11, though. For the first time, Doctor Who will have writers of color working on the show. In a press conference before the show's big panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, new showrunner Chris Chibnall spoke about the series' efforts in diversity.

“It should be the most inclusive show on television. The whole concept of Doctor Who is that anyone can go anywhere.”

The new season will also have more women working behind the scenes: two women are guest writers, with two women also acting as directors. The entire editing team for season 11 is made up of women.

This, naturally, makes sense as the new Doctor is also a woman for the first time in the show's history. Last year, the BBC announced that actress Jodie Whittaker would step into the iconic role. It is still a controversial casting decision for some Who fans, but there is more overwhelming support for this new change in direction for a series that has always spoken up about diversity. When 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi said "the future is female," he meant it.

The BBC unveiled a lot of new information during SDCC, which also included the first real Doctor Who season 11 trailer fans have seen since the BBC announced Whittaker as the new Doctor. That trailer showed the Doctor and her new companions, another diverse group of people, that will follow her throughout her adventures in the TARDIS.

Fans have every reason to get excited about the new season of Doctor Who, as well as the 13th Doctor. Whittaker is already starting to prove that she has what it takes to fill the shoes of the men who came before her. It's also now very likely the show will win over some new fans with her portrayal of the time traveling mad woman in a box.

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