Doctor Who: Something 'Really Kind of Wrong' Happens in Season 10

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Doctor Who ahead.]


Something "really wrong" will soon transpire on Doctor Who season 10, if one of the show's stars is to be believed. As the current season of Doctor Who carries on, fans are still speculating as to what Peter Capaldi's last excursion as The Doctor will entail, over the episodes that remain. Season 10 is also expected to be the final season for Michelle Gomez as Missy, the female incarnation of The Doctor's ultimate Time Lord nemesis, The Master, that was introduced back in season 8.

Since current Doctor Who showrunner Steve Moffat is also leaving after season 10, the future of current companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) is also uncertain. Between all that and promos teasing the return of previous Master actor John Simm this season, it's safe to say that the show's upcoming episodes will be packed with game-changing incidents.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gomez made some intriguing comments about exactly what viewers can expect in the next few weeks. In addition to reminiscing about the Missy character and her relationship with the Doctor, Gomez responded to a couple of questions with these attention-grabbing answers;

EW: Do you have a favorite episode? Either of something that’s aired or coming up?

Gomez: What’s coming up is really exciting. There’s stuff that I would describe as altogether “extremely odd” or “unnerving” even for me. Let’s just say it was a massive acting challenge, that I’ve hoped we’ve managed to pull off. In terms of what’s gone before, it has to be standing at St. Paul’s Cathedral, with a backdrop of an army of cybermen. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Not for a regular old jobbing actor.


Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez in "Dark Water"

EW: Anything else you want to tease about what’s coming up?

Gomez: I arrived at the read-through not having read the script, my usual move, so that I can be really present in it. What jumped out of the page on that day, I did not see coming. What’s about to happen is really kind of wrong as well. It’s very strange.

Several words immediately jump out there. References to something being "really kind of wrong""extremely odd" and "unnerving even for me." Of course, it's all open to interpretation and is solely the talented actresses' point of view. But does any of that apply to what/who is in the vault on Doctor Who this season? Or maybe the return of John Simm? Or even a regeneration of Missy, and her part in Capaldi's departure? It's easy to get carried away by a few small hints, but Gomez's love of the character and commitment to the role points towards some interesting events in the remaining episodes. We'll be sure to keep you updated.

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Doctor Who season 10 continues on BBC 1 and BBC America with ‘Extremis’ this Saturday, May 20th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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