Doctor Who Season 10 & Class Premieres Screening in Theaters

Class premiere - Katherine Kelly and Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

He may be out of his mind, but we can't get enough of The Doctor. Doctor Who has been entertaining audiences since 1963 and the series has spawned across a dozen doctors at the helm. Though the show is primarily a British sensation, the strength of Doctor Who has spread to fans around the world, garnering a cult following unlike any other.

Peter Capaldi, the latest Doctor, recently announced his leave from the show following the upcoming 10th season and fans have been buzzing about who the next Doctor will be. From Tilda Swinton to Ben Whishaw, the guesses keep coming, while the show's producers stay mum on the matter. Perhaps the BBC is too distracted by the upcoming events surrounding the season 10 premiere to finalize a decision. After all, the premiere seems like a big to-do, as the most recent Doctor Who season 10 trailer illustrates.

The Doctor Who season 10 premiere is also screening in movie theaters nationwide for two nights only: Monday April 17th and Wednesday, April 19th. The theater debut will follow BBC’s own premiere on Saturday, April 15th at 9/8c. Tickets are now officially on sale for the special nights, which will include the premiere episode of Class (the latest Doctor Who spinoff series) and a never-before-seen bonus feature called Becoming the Companion, which follows Peal Mackie as she earns the role of a lifetime (i.e. the Doctor's newest companion, Bill).

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

If you like merch - or, rather, because you like merch, BBC is ready to hook you up. Attendees can bring their ticket stubs to Hot Topic retail locations for 25% off Doctor Who merchandise, valid March 10 through May 6, 2017. That’s an almost three month window to get in all of your holiday shopping for next year. If you also happen to be a comic book fan, be sure to purchase tickets through Atom Tickets to receive three free Doctor Who digital comic books from Titan Comics and ComiXology.

Season 10 will follow the Doctor (Capaldi) as he goes on a journey with his new companion (Mackie), encountering terrifying monsters as they travel through space and time. Steven Moffat (Sherlock) will executive produce, and by the looks of the trailer, this season is going to be bigger and better than ever. There are over 550 movie theaters to choose from for the special premieres, so visit the Fathom Events website to find a location near you. Hurry up and grab your tickets - and in the words of our doctor, Allons-y! 

Doctor Who season 10 premieres on the BBC and BBC America with 'The Pilot' on Saturday, April 15th.

Source: BBC

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