Will The New Doctor Who Face An Old Nemesis?

If you believe British tabloids like the the Daily Star, in order to introduce the newest actor in the long line of actors who have portrayed Doctor Who, producers are bringing in an old familiar bad-guy - the Daleks.

Because we have a new face playing the role of Doctor Who, Matt Smith, there's an underlying thought that to help fans adjust to the new actor, they might as well pitch him right in the middle of it with the Daleks, the arch-nemesis of the Time Lord.

Another change coming at fans will be a retro look of sorts as the Tardis will have blue walls and white windows once again, much like it looked in the 1960's era.  The era that William Hartnell (63-66) and Patrick Troughton (66-69) played the good Doctor on television.

I'm not sure what to think of this.

Daleks are a common theme in the Doctor Who mythos.  I've never really been caught up in the stories involving the rolling trash cans with guns (I mean that in a humorous, good way folks).  I think the only Dalek episode I liked was when one was captured by a high end collector and the Dalek had developed a sense of 'self' near the end of the episode.

I've enjoyed seeing the Doctor pitched up against new and unknown issues to keep us guessing.  Daleks are a little predictable.  I've got enough predictable in my life aside from Matt Smith coming into the role of Doctor Who.

We'll see.

Source:  The Press Association

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