Doctor Who: New 'Matt Smith' Trailer

Following the highly controversial “The End of Time” special, Doctor Who fans have somewhat given a Russell T. Davies a reprieve in regards to David Tennant’s swan song. Instead, the Whovians around the world are now focusing on Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor. With a new trailer now available, could it possible quell wary fans?

I’m not going to lie, my response to Matt Smith replacing David Tennant has generally been cold and his brief performance in “The End of Time” didn’t exactly do anything to change my mind. Still, I feel that I have been a little quick to judge and after watching this trailer a couple of times, something happened...

I started to get excited about the upcoming season.

Sure, there are the elements that everyone has been complaining about; vampires, Daleks and Weeping Angels (Oh my!). While I’m not too happy that Steven Moffat (the new head writer, executive producer and the man behind great episodes such as “The Girl in the Fireplace,” “Blink,” and “Silence in the Library”) has chosen to go down the “cool, hip” Twilight route with vampires, there’s nothing to tell me it’s not going to be an amazing episode (he has yet to fail, in my eyes).

Weeping Angels? Bring ‘em on! I loved them and if he’s found a way to bring them back in a great story, why not tell it? …And then there’s Daleks. Alright, maybe I’m not excited about everything, but who knows... it could be good. Right?

Let me be quiet for a bit so you can check out the trailer below.


OK, Ok, ok… I know what you’re going to say and you’re right. They’re not at all being shy about trying to shovel that “Geronimo” catch-phrase down your throat. Still, there’s something there that has me excited and I think it’s because Matt Smith, who almost instinctively gives off an “emo” vibe, is going to be a more dark and gritty Doctor than the previous two.

This is all speculation and I could be completely wrong, but there’s a scene in the trailer where he’s walking down the steps and, as our friends across the pond would say, “he had a face like thunder” (he’s angry).

In case you’re too lazy to click play, here are some stills from the trailer.

Don't blink! ...again

Team Edward! ...oh, wrong thing.

I thought he doesn't use guns? (except that one time)

So, what did you think of the trailer? Has this changed your opinion of Matt Smith? If not, what will it take? Even if you're not a fan of Matt Smith, you can't deny that you'll be tuning into Doctor Who this Spring to at least check it out.

The 13-episode season 5 (series 5 in the UK) of Doctor Who is set to air in Spring 2010 on BBC One (UK) and BBC America (US).

Source: BBC

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