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Matt Smith’s Greatest Hits As the Doctor

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Matt Smith’s Greatest Hits As the Doctor

Matt Smith’s Greatest Hits As the Doctor

Head over to Vulture for 11 great moments from Doctor Who's Eleven.


Doctor Who fans talk Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi on Twitter

Doctor Who fans talk Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi on Twitter

“Times change, and so must I.”

Check out what fans are saying on Twitter over at HeroComplex.

(Spoiler Alert)


DOCTOR WHO Deleted Scene from The Time of The Doctor Christmas Special


Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor - The Eleventh Doctor Regenerates!

Grab a few tissues: Here is the final scene with Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. [Spoilers ahead, duh.] On yesterday's Doctor Who Christmas special, we knew the Doctor would have to "regenerate" in order to usher in the Peter Capaldi era, and while perhaps nothing will ever feel as emotionally overwhelming as David Tennant's farewell, this was still plenty intense. After spending hundreds of years defeating Daleks and various other enemies, it was time for this Doctor to go gentle into that good night, and go he did — thanks in part to the reappearance of his initial companion, Amy Pond. See you in the summertime, new Doctor!


How To Curse On Network TV

This is 100% real television censorship.


Honest Trailers - Dragonball Evolution (Feat. TeamFourStar)

Merry Christmas, Screen Junkies! We've decided to shove your most-requested Honest Trailer ever down the chimney: Dragonball Evolution!


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