'Doctor Who' Special 'Farewell to Matt Smith' Available Online

Matt Smith - Eleventh Doctor regeneration

Just over four years ago, Doctor Who fans waved a fond farewell to David Tennant's incarnation of the Doctor and were introduced for the first time to a virtually unknown actor called Matt Smith, who was set to take over the role. Some were baffled by the casting choice, while others insisted that he was far too young to qualify for the part, but over the next few years Smith managed to win the hearts of many.

Perhaps it would have been better if he hadn't, since it would have made saying goodbye a lot easier if the Eleventh Doctor (or thirteenth - it's a little complicated) hadn't been so likeable. Nonetheless, the Doctor Who Christmas special episode, 'The Time of the Doctor,' left the TARDIS in the capable hands of Peter Capaldi, an excellent actor who has appeared on the show previously and also starred in BAFTA-winning political comedy series The Thick of It.

There's plenty of time for reminiscing while we wait for Doctor Who to return this fall, and BBC America has helped to get the nostalgia ball rolling by making the series-end special 'A Farewell to Matt Smith' available to watch online. Featuring interviews with Smith himself as well as the cast, crew and fans of the show, the 45 minute special is a fun recap of Smith's time as the Doctor and of everything he brought to the show.

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In addition to the many clips from various episodes, 'A Farewell to Matt Smith' also features behind the scenes moments of memorable scenes from seasons 5 through to 7, and there are plenty of production anecdotes and bits of trivia to be mined from it. By the sounds of it, the Eleventh Doctor's many fashion eccentricities (the bow and the fez, for example) were fuelled by Smith's personal love of playing dress-up.

We're sad to see him go from Doctor Who, but also eager to see what Smith will do next in his career - beginning with his role in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster. Share your favorite Eleventh Doctor moments with us in the comments.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One and BBC America in fall 2014.

Source: BBC America

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