Mark Gatiss Has 'No Idea' About Doctor Who Future

Mark Gatiss, Doctor Who

Mark Gatiss has no idea what the future of Doctor Who could hold, and whether he will be asked to write for the show again. A lifelong fan of Doctor Who, over the years, Gatiss has dedicated a large portion of his work to the show, including a series of novels in the 'New Adventures' series, a column for Doctor Who magazine under the pseudonym Sam Kisgart, and audio plays. On top of that, Gatiss has written and appeared in several episodes of Doctor Who itself, under Russell T. Davis, and then later, Steven Moffat. Moffat and Gatiss share a close working relationship, also serving as joint showrunners on Sherlock.

With Doctor Who season 10 now past its mid-way point, episode eight, set to air this coming weekend at the time of writing, is penned by Gatiss. Titled 'The Empress of Mars,' it features the first female Ice Warriors, something Gatiss says he has been wanting to write for a while now. The end of season ten, which will culminate in the annual Christmas special, will signal the departure of both Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, and Moffat as showrunner. He will be replaced by Doctor Who writer and Broadchurch showrunner Chris Chibnall, while Capaldi's replacement is as yet unknown. In an interview with Den of Geek, Gatiss was asked if the departure of Moffat will also mean time for him to leave the show too, or whether there is still stories he would like to write. Gatiss admitted that right now, he has no idea:

"There’s loads I’d still love to do, yes. Equally, it’s very much the end of an era and I’m very excited about what Chris [Chibnall] is going to do. I also rather like the idea of not knowing anything. I’ve no idea if it’s my last one, but if it were I’d be very happy to have worked on the show which I’ve loved for so long and to have written for four Doctors over twelve years. It’s been amazing. It’s still a privilege and still a pinch-me kind of thing. It’s remarkable. I never thought it would come back, I tried to keep a torch alight but I really didn’t think so. It’s still [laughs] amazing to me that it’s come back the way it has and been so wonderfully successful, so if this is the end then I’ll be perfectly content."

Doctor Who Pyramid at the End of the World

While Gatiss might be content, fans most likely would be saddened to think that there might be no more episodes penned by him. Over the years, he has delivered some of Doctor Who's finest moments in episodes such as 'The Crimson Horror,' 'The Unquiet Dead,' and 'The Idiots Lantern.' With a new Doctor coming on board, and a new showrunner in place, Gatiss would be the perfect choice to pen some episodes for season 11, given his dedication to the show.

Doctor Who season 10 continues with 'The Empress of Mars' on Saturday, June 10th on BBC 1 and BBC America

Source: Den of Geek

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