Doctor Who: Fortitude and Iron Fist Stars Reportedly in the Running for 13th Doctor

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The quest to find the next Doctor has added two new names to the list, with stars from Fortitude and Iron Fist are now being eyed to take up the mantle from Peter Capaldi. Since 1963, BBC series Doctor Who has been exciting fans with the time- and space-hopping adventures of the charismatic and roguish Doctor. And just as was the case in the original incarnation of the show, each few seasons of the rebooted series brings with it a fresh face for the Doctor. After three seasons, Capaldi will be bowing out of the role, opening the door for the next Doctor to step in and make their mark on the iconic character.

Considering the popularity of the show, the role has been a contentious one among actors. While a number of familiar faces have been mentioned, the favorite has been Kris Marshall, suggesting a return to a younger Doctor reminiscent of Matt Smith's time in the part. Now, a new report has thrown two more names into the mix very much in that vein.

Radio Times is reporting that Luke Treadaway (Fortitude) and Sacha Dhawan (Iron Fist) are now in consideration for the role. Treadaway has been a mainstay of British TV, so fits the Who modus operandi. Dhawan, meanwhile, would become the first actor of color to secure the role, an exciting prospect for many. He's also quite eager for the gig. When asked about playing the character, he had this to say:

“Oh my God, I’d absolutely love to. I SO would love to."

Dhawan has been gaining a name for himself over the years as well, with MCU fans praising his take on Davos in Netflix's recent Iron Fist. He's also no stranger to the world of Doctor Who, having previously starred in a TV movie about the making of the series An Adventure in Space and Time.

This news does debunk one long-standing fan desire. There have long been rumors that the show would finally debut a female Doctor, but, sadly, the report also mentions that while a number of female actors were once considered for the part, discussions have moved back to only male candidates.

The rumors and reports will likely continue to come over the coming weeks and months, but it shouldn't be too much longer until we learn who will be filling Capaldi's shoes; the new actor is typically announced a good few months before a regeneration, meaning we're likely to hear something before the end of Season 10.

Doctor Who continues with ‘Oxygen’ at 9pm tonight on BBC America.

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Source: Radio Times

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