'Looper' Director Wants To Direct 'Doctor Who' Episode

‘Looper’ director Rian Johnson expresses interest in directing an episode of the BBC’s long-running space drama ‘Doctor Who’ as well as 'Game of Thrones'.

Looper director Rian Johnson wants to direct Doctor Who

Everyone wants to take a spin in the TARDIS these days. The Hobbit director Peter Jackson tossed out his interest in directing an episode of the BBC’s hit sci-fi drama Doctor Who recently, and now Looper director Rian Johnson is expressing the same desire.

In a recent Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' chat-session, Johnson was asked what TV show he'd love to guest-direct an episode of show named after everyone's favorite Time Lord.

Johnson's response first touched on HBO's Game of Thrones before he talked about his favorite show in the genre he's experienced in: time travel.

"I’d love to do a Game of Thrones. But what I’d really kill to try, although it would be terrifying because I’m such a big fan of it? Doctor Who."

The news comes fresh off Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit director Peter Jackson who initially brought the subject up during an interview with the Waikato Times. After Doctor Who himself, Matt Smith, expressed great interest in filming an episode of Doctor Who in New Zealand with Jackson attached, the famed filmmaker followed up Smith’s sentiment by openly letting his Whovian fanboy flag fly:

"I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, and I think Matt [Smith]'s fantastic. Just name a time and place, and I'll be there!"

Johnson is most recognized for his upcoming time travel thriller Looper and his smaller criminal film noir Brick, both starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He has also directed episodes of popular TV shows, including AMC’s drug drama Breaking Bad in seasons 3 and 5 and FX's short-lived cop series Terriers during its first season.

Looper director Rian Johnson wants to direct Doctor Who- Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 'Looper'

Doctor Who is no stranger to big-name fans including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator and The Avengers director Joss Whedon, and comic book mastermind Neil Gaiman – who has already directed one episode of the hit space odyssey and is on to his second. The series has no doubt seen increased popularity since its 2005 revival and there are even rumors of the BBC planning to take The Doctor and his companions to the big screen with a full-length film.

Can the mastermind behind the time travel film Looper bring something unique to the time travel show Doctor Who?


Keep your eyes on the main page for more info on Doctor Who and catch Looper which hits theaters this Friday, September 28, 2012.

Source: Total Film

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